Sweet Tooth Recipes

We have topics for so many things, but I’ve never seen a topic for people who LOVE really sweet vapes. I happen to be one of those people, so maybe I’m just being selfish because I want to find really sweet recipes that make my tastebuds (and my coils) go crazy. Heck I’ll start!!!

TOC’S Custard Filled Doughnut (2) : https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3272266/TOC’S%20Custard%20Filled%20Doughnut%20(2)

1.00% Cream (Flavorah)
1.50% Cream Cheese Icing (LA)
1.00% Cupcake Batter (Flavorah)
2.00% Nonna’s Cake (FA)
3.00% Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP)
2.00% SugarDaddy (Reg) (Rick’s)
3.00% Vanilla Custard (CAP)
2.00% Zeppola (FA)

Flavor total: 15.5%
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I have all of those flavors and I’ll give it a shot. I use Sugar Daddy all the time, but I’ve never gone over 1%. Using it at 2% should be interesting. Thanks for the recipe.


This is the only recipe where I’ve done that. Hope you enjoy it


here is one @authormichellehughes… this one fits my spot…

I could add say… .4% cream (most any fruit at .4%-.6%) or even butterscotch at .6%…
If you wanted… you could raise the sweetness to .4% but I wouldn’t use it any higher…


CARAMEL!!! I have really high hopes for FLV Caramel because I was let down by another company and stopped liking one of my favorite flavors.


Caramel is one of my favs, too many ways to play with it. You want to be very careful how high you take it, at certain spots it mutes in other spots it will fade if you raise it way too high you can actually make it burnt. If you keep it between point 2 and point four percent, it’s just like the sugary caramel flavor. You can actually taste the brown sugar and molasses. I like using it with creams marshmallow cotton candy. those three will extend caramel making it thicker or with more mouthfeel.

Sorry for any typos I am in my car and using voice to text


https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3333715/TOC%27S+French+My+Toast This one doesn’t have a DROP of sweetener in it and is so sweet it is almost too sweet for me. I might actually try to tame that sweetness down some.


Reformulated now that I got my PUR Country Apple. Came out amazing!!