Sweet VG - Have heard it exists. Who has it?

So I was told by someone they use a really sweet VG. The juice they make is really good. So I was wanting to try the VG but they won’t tell me where they get it. Does anybody here use a VG that is sweeter than others? What would they do differently to make the VG sweeter? I am just curious and would really like to try some just to see if it makes a difference in my recipes.


The VG my girlfriend has, that i borrowed for cutting some 18mg nic juice, is pretty darn sweet, I like it.
it is called Africare Glycerin 100% by Cococare. I believe you can order it online for cheaper, but it is sold in-store at walgreens I think. It is VG, and USP (tho they dont usp on the bottle, because it is marketed as a cosmetic. I did contact Cococare via email and they confirmed it is USP)


I just bought the first Amazon one below, but haven’t used it yet. I did buy some seriously horrible VG on Ebay and had to use it for laundry detergent… (Don’t do that)

This one gets 1065 5 Stars

This one gets 333 5 Stars


I use Essential Depot. It’s not the same.


You might look into a Palm based VG…as opposed to Soy based…Liquid Barn has an excellent VG (which I use) which is a Palm Based VG…I find it to be a little sweeter than, say for example, Essential Depot…It does translate into a slightly sweeter vape, and I find it noticable in Fruit vapes…My guess is that it would be excellent, especially in Dessert mixes as well… RTS Vapes also has a VG which they describe as a Coconut based VG…I would also know that you can Google Palm Based Vegetable Glycerine…Have also read blogs by “premium” juice makers who advertise that they use Palm Based VG, as well…


my gfs aunt uses rtsvapes vg, it is decent from what i tasted of her juices… for what thats worth…

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My first 3 purchases of VG was from MFS and it is alot sweeter than the 3 gallons I bought from Essenitial Depot.

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So you recommend essential depot… or is product this just more laundry detergent? lol (That will make this very expensive laundry detergent)

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MFS? I’m sorry I’m so dumb. I’ve bought it from Wizard, ECX and water spiked stuff from San Fran.

I use Essential Depot VG/PG. It’s very good. You can buy 2 gallons on their site for around $40 with free shipping. But the better deal is the Glycube. Mix and match 4 gallons. But you pay shipping on that.


Thank you very much!


I am curious is the Palm vg heavier / thicker?

I use essential depot now but have used glycerine anhydrous 0.5% which is the
DW it is available in the pharm and is USP as well to me the glycerine anhydrous comes off silkier and smoother my guess is the added water. Where the typical Vg from essential depot seems heavier vaping wise ?

If this makes sense and if you’ve experienced this how would you rate the palm vg ? Basically how does it vape ?

Feel free to chime in anyone if you want. I too want a sweeter silkier vg that isn’t as heavy.


Well the guess that the africare vg I linked may be palm, then I would say it is very good. tho I am new to DIY, I have vaped on and off since 2008ish, and of all the liquids I have tried, I have really enjoyed how this vg was when I added it to some pretty nasty tasting 50/50 liquid I had, it is much sweeter than I have tasted in most* other mixes, it is rather thick, tho I don’t have anything to directly compare to at the moment, but I will, and as far as the vape, it definitely made the stuff I put it in much smoother, sweeter, and “silky” mouthful feeling of a vape… Overall I really enjoyed it… Tho there is nothing saying if it is in fact palm lol just speculation at this point lol :grin:

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This place has the palm VG


They do a free simple which would be worth a shot?


Thank you. !!


All I can say is I just started vaping juice I made with VG from nicotine river and it is the palm based and there is a difference much smother in my opinion than the same juice using vg from essential depot

I think there is something to this palm based VG question for sure.


I would love to try it but “palm based” anything in my house causes some major whining. My husband wont buy anything made with palm products because of his issues with cholesterol and my son wont because of the environmental issues with the rain forests. I guess I am wondering if I can get some of it where I know it is sourced out of a place where it’s environmentally managed…

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There was a discussion about this over in the Real Flavors thread. @Walt_RealFlavors talked about the source of their palm-based VG.


Cool! Thank you!

I’m gonna try it, doesn’t have far to travel lol…

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