Sweetener not on warning list

I’m new to diy recipes and wish to stay away from flavours on the warning list. CAP Supersweet is a common ingredient which is on the warning list. What would be an appropriate substitute for this sweetener?


I would think any sweetener would fall somewhat on a warning list.

Neotame is technically not on the list but that prob because its not used as often and nobody prob cared to add it

Im honestly not sure how accurate some of these warnings are. Im intersted in someone who really knows about them as in the case of super sweet im not sure why the warning says may contain diacytal and oil. From what i know of super sweet there is no diacytal and its basically just water and sucralose with a very small amount of preservatives like malic acid.


I read that the sucralose transforms with heat. I do not have a chemistry degree, just trying to make sure I understand what I’m putting into my body a bit better. Thanks for the reply


I hear you. Im sure someone else will chine in that knows more. From my understanding sucralose transforms when heated to over 250c which i believe is beyond what anyone is vaping it at.


That was my stupid ass. I can add warnings but not remove them. I did the same thing on a menthol, ffs…

For this one i hit the wrong button but the menthol, well who knows why i did that…

Ahh lol. I was scratching my head on that one. Kept thinking why would they put diacytal in a sweetener

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