Sweetener question

A lot of people here use Pyure as a sweetener, but I saw this at the grocery store today:
They don’t carry Pyure, so I was just wondering what folks thought about this option.

I have used the Sweet Leaf Stevia liquid and it works, but from reports on this forum I think Pyure is probably stronger and perhaps more pure.

I have the Sweet Leaf in the frig and my order of Pyure is coming tomorrow, so I can give you a head-to-head rundown then unless someone else chimes in first.


Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

Pyure also contains Citric Acid and Apple Cider Vinegar which the others do not contain and in my opinion is what really makes the difference.


I agree with @Bearkat, but I couldn’t find Pyure locally either. Besides sweetening Pyure claims made on ELR say it makes fruit flavors “pop”.

There are TWO places in your grocery store that sell Stevia liquid. Look in the Health Food section next to the protein powders/vitamins. I found an entire different assortment of liquid Stevia(s). Now Foods “Better Stevia” called Glycerite …Stevia in VG $7 …still on the hunt for local Pyure …if BullCityVapor was smart they’d start carrying it (get it with my free shipping)

Try Walmart for the Pyure

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Does anyone else see the irony?

Haven’t done the taste tests yet, but my gut reaction is leaning toward the product that contains only water and stevia.

Price compares favorably for both at Amazon:

Pyure = 0.9 oz @ $5.98
SweetLeaf Clear = 2 oz @ $11.88

Nude Nicotine is releasing Erythritol and Monk Juice sweeteners I hope to check out soon. In food, I have always preferred Erythritol and Zylitol to Stevia.

Yup try Walmart. I’ve seen it nowhere else locally.

I figured Walmart would have it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), the nearest Walmart is 160 miles north of me up in Miami, Florida.

Amazon $5.98 plus a 50% off coupon makes it $2.99 (free shipping for prime members)

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50% off coupon on amazon for Pyure right now.

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As promised, here is the follow-up on Pyure vs Sweetleaf.

Taste tested in 30 ml water each, the Pyure seems to be about twice the sweetness of the SweetLeaf. The Pyure would be difficult to control without dilution. In 30 mil of water, it goes from mildly sweet at 1 drop to undrinkable at 2 drops. Pyure also needs to be rebottled to measure accurately. The SweetLeaf comes in a dropper bottle, but requires refrigeration after opening. My guess is that the vinegar and citric acid in the Pyure is there as a preservative–no refrigeration needed.

After taste testing, I do not plan to use either, because I don’t like the taste. YMMV

Ordered both over a week ago from NN and still haven’t shipped. Anyway noticed on ELR flavor list 35 recipes had previously been made using Erythiritol and Monk Fruit. After seeing the recipes were from 2014, started to worry not so new. No notes about them by users though.

Ya, my small order from NN seems to be stuck in processing too. Simple items that should have been in stock on the shelf.

Starting to loose faith in these guys for anything but nic.

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@wonner1 I agree. Thats why I stopped using them for the last year, no matter what I ordered takes forever and then sits in hot trucks from CA to GA. Swear I’ve gotten orders faster from Fasttech.