Sweeter juice

hello all… so I’ve purchased MANY flavorings to start my diy venture. mostly all TFA. I’m finding there’s a very fine line between enough and too much. I’m trying to keep it simple for now b/c I don’t really want to wait weeks to find out if I’m on the right track with steeping so I’m using the coffee burner method just to speed it up a bit. My latest (tfa Apple pie) is close to vapeable but needs some sweetness. I have a few sweeteners (all tfa- em crystals,em 10%pg solution & sweetener) I already added .5% sweetener to 25ml and that’s not enough. should I keep adding that or use one of the others? I do have other flavorings like caramel, sweet cream, vanillin, Bavarian cream, butter, French vanilla… any help sprucing this up would be appreciated. here are my totals
Apple pie-1ml, caramel .5ml, sweetener .5ml, pg 16 ml, vg 6.75ml, 60mg nic 6.25ml (15mg 25ml 70/30pg/vg thanks

The short: don’t use EM, use marshmallow for sweetening. Sweetener is typically sucralose (splenda). It’s okay, but most of us use marshmallow. I tend to use other things too, like caramel candy, salted caramel, and brown sugar.

Here are a few links to help get you started in the right direction:


believe it or not as I was going to sleep last night that word “marshmallow” shot thru my head:) will order it today, thanks!


Stevia is also another alternative. I grabbed a bottle from Walmart and it works really good at sweetening things up. Does wonders in fruits too.

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A lot of people use marshmallow. There is also brown sugar tpa, honey fa(amber I think they call it) and vanilla. Many of these can also add sweetness in a bakery type recpie in small amounts without making it too sweet.