Sweeting up Tobacco

I enjoy sweet Tobacco based juices but having problem getting them sweet. For example I like the Turkish and Western from TFA but they aren’t sweet enough. Adding EM doesn’t seem help since that’s all ready in the flavoring. Adding Sucralose gives it somewhat weird sweetness more suitable for bakery I think. Only vape that’s about right for my sweet tooth is Hangsen RY4 but I don’t know how they did that. Any ideas for strong sweetening?

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If I want a sweet tobacco, I try to use a neutral sweet tobacco base - My favorite for my profile is Decadent Vapours’ “American Red” - I built a few recipes on that base. As for sweetening, you can add vanilla and/or caramel to sweeten up your mix. I think most RY4s have lots of caramel :smile:


I have the opposite problem. I don’t do tobacco, but my brother in law does and he wants all the sweet OUT. I’m struggling to find something that works for him. :confused: As for sweetening, I used to use TPA marshmallow (and still do some), but I fell in love with caramel candy and use it in just about everything now. Just mho, hope it helps.


As daath said Vanilla and Caramel’s. Im not a fan of tobacco flavors, when i quit smoking i said i would never use them but i have. TFA Honey, in very very low amounts, does sweeten a little. Honey Badger from Madtown is pretty good. Vanillin is my go to sweetener for tobacco’s tho i dont make tobacco’s enough to be good at it. Low amounts of EM+Marshmallow combined may do the trick.

I got a BRY4 sample from NN. After letting it sit for a month i remembered how much i dislike the RY4’s.

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I use black honey from TPA with Turkish and its a good mix for me, sweet. The plain honey flavor is like cat pee in big amounts


Yes, yes it is, hehe. I keep forgetting about black honey, thanks for the reminder!

Has anyone tried a little black licorice to sweeten things up. I use it with coffee, and it gives it a nice sweet smooth flavor.

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I like my tobaccos with a licorice note :slight_smile: Haven’t used it for sweetener though…

I’ve found with tobaccos that brown sugar (TPA) goes along way to sweeten and smooth out the flavor. I’ll typically use it at 3 to 5%.

From what I hear there are tobaccos coming out of asia that do use Black Licorice and Apple mixed in the pot. They’re said to be good…

Somewhere here on ELR I saw where someone was using coffees with tobacco. Perhaps with a good strong coffee added you might be able to please that fella…

Don’t get me started on coffee juice…it is the bane of my existence right now! :weary: I’ll save that for another post when I’ve completely given up hope. LOL Good thought though. I had the same one.

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I use my homemade coffee extract with tobacco and it’s really tasty. I discovered that one morning while I was drinking coffee and vaping coffee at the same time. I couldn’t taste my vape so I added some cowboy tobacco to it. It’s not bad at all.

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Ok I’ll try Vanilla, brown sugar didn’t do it for me. I also find interesting that some people keep away from Tobacco juices (for obvious reasons). But I’ve never had a Tobacco yet that would taste like tobacco. Maybe like a freshly opened cig. pack but that’s it. Most Tobacco flavor taste to me like bread crust, that’s why I like it.
For example now I’m vaping TFA Mild Black single flavor. I taste bread crust and black tea in it. That’s all but I would like it sweeter.

For a straight tobacco tasting like bread crumbs is a real improvement to some I tasted in Vape shops. They usually taste like someone scraped bark off a rotting tree, if that good. I have found that small amounts of caramel, and just a hair of Jamican rum and hazelnut, mixed with 555 make a pretty good tobacco mixed.

Here’s The Link, Click

You can sub most tobaccos with the 555. Steep at least a week for the Jamican Rum to meld…

Is 555 a tobacco flavor that tastes kind of nutty?

Guys I have searched for tobacco flavors for years. There is a thousand of them out there and they all taste different. The best flavor I ever found was Bauway USA Mix. The problem is a few years ago Bauway changed their recipe and it was nasty. All the vendors in the states stopped selling it. Then I found Dekang USA Mix which was real close to Bauway original recipe. A light tobacco flavor with a touch of nutty and sweet. The closest real cigarette flavor I have found is TPA Red type blend mixed at 10% anymore than 10% starts tasting like an ashtray. Steep it about 3 days then add 1 drop per 10ml acetyl pyrazine for the nutty flavor and 1 drop per 10ml Ethyl Maltol for sweetness. Be careful with these 2 molecules they are very strong.


Yes Jojo 555 does have the nutty flavor

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Hi Jojo; The Blend I made up will have nutty notes , but also caramel. The real person to ask about 555s actual taste would be Alisa. She really gets into the 555 tobacco. I personally don’t care for tobacco flavors (even the one I posted above). What I can tell you is I released this flavor in my shop 2 weeks ago now and about 15-20 people have tried it so far. I have had only 1 person who tried it say they did not like it. This blend has sold equipment for me and of course juice as well. I may not care for the taste but has been obvious that others do. Be aware that I do not like blending with the 555 tobacco because I don’t care for the smell much. Again, that me though…

I’m going to have to try that ringling if for nothing else than for nostalgia. Back in the day when I first started, 555 was one of the hottest tobacco flavors. I asked some people in a vape shop about it and they looked at me like I was crazy. LoL I tried to explain it and they sent me to try some cinnamon almond flavor, which was good, but not 555. :stuck_out_tongue: