Switching from 100% bases to 50/50

Hey All,

For years I used to use Nicotine juice 48 mg (100% VG), and I always used 100% VG Base + 100% PG Base in all my recipes. for example my recipe


However, for quite some time I have had difficulty finding the above-mentioned Nicotine juice 48mg 100ml bottles as the new EU regulations prohibit this amounts and all I find nowadays are either salts or 10ml bottles with 20mg like (Full VG Nicotine Boosters Born To Diy 10 ml - 20mg).

I also bought a 50/50 0 nicotine base and here comes my issue.

  1. How to adjust my recipes in the calculator to use a 50/50 base single bottle instead of 2 separate 100% bottles (VG & PG)?
  2. Which is better to use, 20mg boosters or salts?

Please forgive my stupid questions but I was doing my liquids without changing much and now I don’t know how to proceed :frowning:


Sounds, ooooh exactly right. Go back to buying whatever you can separately.


Welcome and glad you joined.

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This is quite simple actually.

Your actual recipe

You want to make it same = 60% VG + 6% Nic + 12% flavors

You have 20mg 100% VG nic. To make it 6% Nic you will need 30% of this in your mix.
(Make sure it’s 100% VG nic, not 100% PG Nic).
You just need to add 58% of your 50/50 base now.

You will get the same mix.