Switching from cigs to vape questions

Two weeks off the cigs into vaping. Its my 3rd time trying to switch. Trying to switch for 2 years in progress. Longest ive been off cigs and vaping is 6 months. Pack and a half smoker, pretty healthy apart from cig status. No thyroid issues. With the whole pandemic situation im on a mission to get myself and other fam members cig free.

I mix my juice with high quality nic (carolina xtracts) and flavoring. Usually max vg 6mg 10% flavor and use a topside squonk, profile mesh mod at about 50w. About 10ml of juice a day.

For the first week I feel pretty good having put down the cigs, then into the second week + I start getting crazy lethargy and fatigue, like can barly get off the couch status. Drink about a gallon of water a day, pee is crystal clear. Up my mag/potasium/sodium intake to help with electrolytes and I still get struck with severe tierdness.

My blood presure was normal/low and Im guessing its from my body adjusting to nic and detox from the cigs. Only thing I can think the fatigue is from is my body working overtime to get rid of the cig junk via kidneys because im coffing up zero tar and thats really weird having been a heavy smoker. Has anyone else gone through this when switching?

I really want to stay vaping and be cig free, but everytime I try this I endup smoking cigs again because I cant deal with the fatigue anymore, I am usually very active so it ends up driving me crazy. Makes me feel really frustrated when there are so many vapers who seem to have no issues, and I cant get to that point. Any tips appreciated thanks.


I hope you mean that, because I’m about as blunt as a spoon.

First - whatever you need to do, do it. Fatigue is not a valid excuse for smoking!! Drink a Monster or Red Bull and push through. But if this persist you may want to speak with a doctor. If you’re using nic then you’re probably not experiencing nicotine withdrawal. I would even suggest it may be psychosomatic.

Secondly, if you need validation that quitting is the right course, go spend some time around some smokers. Breathe in that nasty ass smell. Realize that used to be you.

Lastly, find your happy. I know I struggled with being a dual user for a few years. I turned the corner when I bought a Sigelei 100w mod and Aspire Atlantis. It was my first high power mod and sub ohm atty. It changed everything. Perhaps you should experiment a bit and find something that brings you more joy. Also maybe experiment with flavors and nic levels. I firmly believe your happy place is out there.


Evidently something about ur vaping experience has been off… nic. level or something…, everything about vaping is supposed to be enjoyable… smell good… taste good… give u tht relief feeling tht u are looking for (i.e.-nicotine) :)… make sure everything is enjoyable about it…
Trust me…, I had been off & on with vaping & cigarettes from 2010 until about 2015… now… I fully vape…, so yes… it is the nicotine in it… but hey… it isn’t all those other chemicals… To this day when guys @ work go out to smoke the smell comes in & I won’t lie…it smells pretty damn good idk what it is but something is just pleasing about the smell from a distance…, some1 will offer me one when we work together, but after tht 1st cig., I don’t want another one… I want my vape tho ;)… to this day I could not really give 2 rats about anything that would happen with cigarettes…, but vaping is a whole different story…, jus imagine with my long ass post the size letter I sent to the whitehouse back in Nov ;)~


You might want try upping your nic level for a little bit then weening it down to where you want to be. Find out what your cigarette nic level is and either match it or go just a bit lower. I would probably try 10mg to start and see if that does the trick. If not, then as was mentioned by @SthrnMixer, it could be a number of other factors.


Oh yeah…, & the tar & the other shit in ur lungs is just there…, in the inner lining of ur lungs a little may come up here & there, but when u vape it isn’t the same in ur lungs so there’s nothing really left behind to just lay around;)… Hope our words help man… just listen to us & stick it out… find ur sweet spot in vaping… make urs & all ur loved ones health better by putting down the stinkies for good ;)~


Cheers thanks for the replies. All advice noted and I agree with it all. I guess I struggle with figuring out where my body is comfortable with the nic level. In between vaping sometimes I use some chewing tobacco. Maybe my mixes at 6mg isn’t strong enough. What would you all suggest would be a nic level equivalent to smoking 1 and 1/2 packs of strong cigarettes a day? Wish there was a calculator for that or something lol. Going to try out that 10mg as suggested, I have some stronger juice I mixed a long time ago 12mg for a lower powered device. Was trying 3mg to 6mg here with the sub setup .Guess there’s only one way to find out eh? :wink:


35mg to 50mg nic salt in a pod system is what got me over the hump. Was a dual user for about 3 years. Stinky free 2 years today!


You were pretty well stimulated throughout the day. If you partake of caffeine, maybe up that level a little, too. You could also try upping your wattage a bit, if you haven’t already. We don’t get nearly the amount of nicotine intake as we did with smoking, so it can feel almost like cold turkey if you don’t hit the level your body was accustomed to.

Keep at it, play around with levels, frequency, other stimulants, whatever it takes. When the budget allows, check out some other RDA’s, coil types and, flavors too! Just don’t want a single device not working for you to make you think vaping doesnt work for you!


Have you considered trying Nic Salt in a pod system ???


Totally agree with all the comments here. Finding the right mod and nicotine level/flavor that you simply love is key. I don’t know how many smokers I’ve talked to that tried vaping then went back to smoking because they weren’t “satisfied.”
Nic levels? YMMV. I’m guessing you need a higher %. You can always back it down over time. I went from 18/12mg starting out down to 3mg over the course of a couple years.
Unfortunitely many wanting to quit smoking buy those starter pens in a gas station and well honestly I never went that route. (IPV Mini V2, Aspire Atlantis 2.0 tank and Mother’s Milk were my first) I never picked up another smoke. A good mod and juice make all the difference in the world along with a strong mindset of not going back there.
As for lethargy, I get that. Just push through it. You’ll get there. Mind over matter I always say coupled with an excellent vape. :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:


Yea, we have several kinds of devices. Got my mom to use a caliburn and she uses it successfully but with a very low nic% she was a light smoker. That was pretty much the main force behind quitting. It was breaking my heart seeing my 75 year old mum puffing cigs during a pandemic and feeling like a right hypocrite wanting her to quit. Main reason ive been using this sub squonk mod is the only nic I have left for mixing is 100mg reg and ran out of the salts. Kind of prefer the subohms so I can get a nice flavor its helping me take my mind off the cigs. Should probably pic up some salts for mixing again, now I recall the longest I went without cigs was during the time I was using salts.

I have the caliburn and lostvape orion but tend to like the topside a bit more for the intense flavor tasting. On a side note just loaded up some 12mg berry tobacco mix I made, (things been steeping for like a year now lol) I have been hesitant to try it thinking it would knock my socks off, but I seriously already am starting to feel better, especially mood and mental clarity. Tomorrow will be the real test seeing fatigue levels. Dam I am glad I asked on here before lighting up again.


was just thinking how easy it is to forget how your body react to ejuice nic after relapsing on cigs, Last year I felt I had a really good understanding of where my nic levels should be and all that went out the window after smoking cigs again. Serious amnesia status. Other thing I was realizing while smoking after vaping was I was puffing a grip load more cigs. Feels good to be back smoke free.


Agree with all advices in here.

I have a little ecig shop my self and my advice for my customers who want stop smoking the stinky cigs is, find ur nicotine level and THE flavor u love.

It help so many of my customers quitting cigarettes, my self included.
Since i found this my self, i never even have been thinking to smoke a cigarette again.
That’s around 8 years now :+1:t2:

So go all in now to find THE or SOME flavors u love and buy ur self, some vape gear and then u need to find ur nic level, set it a little higher then u think u need, in the beginning. U really need to get enough nic

Good luck and remember update us, how u doing :muscle:t2:


When I made the switch, I started out with 18mg/ml, using an old Innokin 16d tank with 1.5 ohms coils. Taking a pull from that atomizer was like hitting a mickey D’s shake after it’s finally gotten soft enough to get through the straw! Like you, I was a pack and a half a day smoker. The first couple of weeks were kinda rough. Felt sluggish, like I was walking through oatmeal. What I learned is that there’s chemistry happening when cigarette tobacco is burned. Certain compounds in cigarette smoke are quite close to certain types of antidepressants, which is one of the reasons you feel that"AAHHH!" sensation after smoking. When those compounds are absent from the system, your body needs time to adjust. Kinda like when you get a cold or hurt, time mends all.

As to my lungs, I didn’t have any real productive coughs until after 2 months of no smoking, mostly a dry tickle in my throat. Took a REALLY hot shower one day to try and loosen up the neck and breathed in some water vapor. Started to cough, and as much as I tried to stifle it, the cough got worse. I couldn’t get air and things were getting a little wobbly around the knee area. I knelt down and as I did so, the biggest, foulest tasting ball of BLECH came up out of my lungs and threatened to clog the drain after I spat it out. Quaking like a leaf, I took a shaky breath in. I kept inhaling, taking what was probably the deepest breath I’d drawn since shining my face to the world for the first time. Oh, it was bliss, my brothers and sisters.

Long story short? Try mimicking a cigarette with an MTL(mouth to lung, better simulation of a cig) and up the nicotine level to help get you through the worst. You’re gonna feel like crap while getting years of crap out of your body. Should be 2 weeks and you’ll gradually start to feel human again. Me? Two months, but I was outta shape (Wait! Round is a shape!) If you go longer than I did, might be time to see your healthcare provider of choice.
Hope this helps. Cheers!


I do feel the change in mood regarding the lack of antidepressants that were in the cigs, maoi if recall correctly. Did some research last year about that. Tried the WTA, wasnt for me. I have some stixx mixx nets I will probably mix up for that last resort vape.

The antidepressant withdraw from cigs is mild in comparrison to the ssri withdrawl Ive experienced in the past, so not too concerned about it.

So far so good though. Just mixed up some 9mg Twister MB to have during the day, and using the 4-6mg in the evenings to wind down. Had a bit of a hard time sleeping after jumping up to 12mg the other night.


Maybe try a custom amount of nic… 9, 10 or 11?, 12 may be too high then… play around with it to find tht sweet spot., stick with lower % at night…, usually my body slows down on the needed nicotine thru the night compared to the day… or working times.


so you actually consumed 60.00 MG of nicotine today
Your overdosing on nicotine, cut back usage or strength

click the NicLev tab


Started my vape journey in the beginning of 2016. There was a three-month period Where I was smoking cigarettes as well as vaping. Me and my husband started at 18 mg nicotine in a mouth to lung device. Now we’re down to 3 to 4 mg nicotine. I’ve had friends try and fail when they started with sub ohm devices. In my personal experience it’s best to mimic a cigarette until all those weird body and mind feelings go away. You can do this!


WoW! Thank you so much for this. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve come to realize my fatigue at the start was not totally due to switching from cigs to vape. I had started a lowcarb/keto diet at the same time and most of the fatigue was probably due to even lower electrolytes than they would be if I was just vaping. I’m thinking the combo of upping my water intake from vaping and then my kidneys switching to ketosis made me just expend way too many minerals.

That fatigue is gone now, and will try to go back to a lower nic level. Thanks again for the heads up with that calculator I was starting to feel pretty funky vaping 10mls of 9mg a day in a subohm. :nauseated_face:LOL


Since you mix your own have you thought about it possibly being the wrong nicotine for you? Reg nicotine didn’t cut it for me as I still craved the analog, replacing it with salts instead did the trick. Salts don’t have to be used in pods actually quite nice around 4 in regular devices. Just another thing to ponder.