Switching to vaping, need some help

Hi there, I’m Strekeos and I live in Turkey. I used to vape 2 years ago but went back to cigarettes again. Yesterday I’ve ordered a Voopoo Drag and a Zeus Dual RTA :slight_smile:, they will arrive tomorrow but I have limited e-liquid and I really want to start making my own now.

The problem is it is illegal to buy and sell e-cigs/liqs in my country so I don’t have too many flavor and nbase options because it is a pain in the *ss to import them.

I generally consume 3mg liquids with a 70/30 vg to pg mix and my fav. e-liq is black ice by mt.Baker.

So I’m thinking to buy an ultrasonic cleaner for the stepping process and for the base I can get already mixed 70/30 vg/pg with 3mg/ml nicotine infused in any amount i want.

Is it possible to buy already measured nbase and mix the flavors and effectors with the right amount. Or do you recommend me to buy my vg, pg, nic seperetaly ? And what are your toughts about ultrasonic stepping ?

Sorry for my bad english :blush:


you can do without

Premixed base is fine, but the nic concentration will decrease as you add flavours.

My advice would be to get VG/PG separate, maybe some nic salts (they keep better than the freebase/classic nicotine), a few flavours (nothing wrong buying concentrated premixed recipes), a buch of 10ml bottles and some scales.
You should be able to keep all that under the price of the ultrasonic cleaner :slight_smile:


The thing is I really don’t want to have a digital scale in my home and I’m kind of a lazy dude so I think it would be much easier for me to get some premixed base and just add flavors. I’m not looking for the best flavour but more of an easier and faster way of making nice e-liq.

I’ve never made e-liq so if it is possible to mix flavors and premixed nbase and get some good taste then I guess I’m better with it.


Nothing wrong with that approach if it suits you. But be advised, as @SuperFrog says, if your premix includes nic, you’re going to need to account for that, which may mean adding more or buying the nic separately, which gets you into more of the effort you’re looking to avoid. I guess I mean, if you are going to mete out base, VG and PG, and nic, you’re pretty much already doing what you’re trying to avoid.

And I’m not trying to be discouraging at all, just making sure you know what you’re getting into. It is a slippery slope. A smooth rock surface, coated with moss, after a few days of rain. That has frozen into a sheet of ice. And you’re wearing slippers.


Worried you are going to be coined as a drug dealer or worse?
Mixing without scales is something anyone who has used scales would not do without. Volumes are a pain and drops are a good start but make making the same recipe twice really hard.


If you use a 3mg premixed nic base and you add a total of 10% flavorings you have mixed a 2mg nic juice. I personally would order a pg/vg base of choice and nic separately. You won’t notice the difference of viscosity to the base as much as the loss of nic imo. Nothing wrong with using one shots. Mixing by weight or volume is up to the individual. You’ll need syringes or graduated beakers/cylinders to mix by volume.

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I think I should buy 4mg nbase and then make my juices. That way the finished juice wwill be closer to 3mg without too much effort.


Adding 10% flavoring to a 3mg base means you end up with 2.7mg of nic in your juice, not 2%.
Most people won’t notice the difference between 3mg and 2.7mg nic.


I’m curious now. Why not?

Thanks for catching my mistake. Would still recommend buying nic separately tho.

Because me and my family likes to smoke.

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Going to get a 3mg premix then.

I would not recommend 3mg for ease of mixing. You are limiting your options when you decide to change your mixing style, nic percentage, and other future taste change options. Recommend 100 mg/ml with VG nic and more standalone VG than PG.

Could read: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/41p961/diy_mythbusting/

Thats Funny , Ive been in the middle of a move and i left me scale on the kitchen counter , it was sitting by itself , when the electrician xame in he kept looking at the scale and when he would he looked around like he was looking tonsee if there was a bag of drugs or something . I finally joked and made a comment like " not your normal food scale , right ?? , then i explained why i had it , anyway its funny that more scales are sold NOT for weighing drugs but thats the first thing people relate it to…

I understand your worries.
I would suggest that if you mix by volume ( using syringes ) you keep it simple.
Small batches of of complex receipes will be hard to achieve.
Maybe get some premixed base and a few premixed concentrates. I don’t know if they ship your way but drip hacks one shots are not bad.

You should see me breaking white powder I just weighed on a milligramme scale for making ice cream ( stabilisers are white powders). Looks like I am cutting heroin.

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So having a scale in your home and people will automatically label you as a smoker/vaper? Because it is illegal? That must be awful living so secretive.
Wait…we are talking about vaping, right? :flushed:

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