Swollen Glands with DIY

I have been vaping for 5 years or so. For these 5 years I have vaped nothing but a particular China made eliquid from a company called LeCig. The flavor is called Reds. They claim it is 90%PG 10%VG at 18mg nic. I have loved this eliquid and have never had any problems with it.

Recently I decided to go DIY for cost reasons, and a concern that it is made in China. I purchased everything I needed and went with a flavor that was comparable to the Reds that I was used to, 100mg 50/50 Nic diluted to 18mg and PG and VG base. However, I immediately realized after half a day of vaping that mixing it 90/10 18mg and 6%flavor, that my throat began to feel swollen and my glands were swelling in my neck. I felt sick and miserable.

So I tried many different combinations. More VG. No PG, lower nic strengths, with and without flavoring, steeping longer etc. I also tried different PG and VG manufactures. It seems that the lower the PG the better, but eventually I get swollen glands after a while. Once I go back to my original China made 90/10 juice, all is fine and symptoms go away.

I am so frustrated that I can not figure this out.
Can anyone help me out as to why it appears that I have a PG allergy, unless its a pre-made China 90/10 juice.

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Yikes, cant say that i have ever heard of that. Hope you get things sorted out.


Mabey your china juice isn’t what it says it is? Pg allergie is what it sounds like!
Would like to see how you get on. Good luck. :thinking:


Sounds weird. PG sensitivity, but no reaction with 90% PG?

Try the process of elimination. No flavoring. Straight VG with nic. Straight PG with nic. Eliminate the nic if necessary. If all goes well, try some flavorings…


Thats why i thought the "china"juice isn’t what it said it was.


Please clarify, is this statement correct? If so, then you are not PG allergic. [quote=“daath, post:4, topic:39921”]
Sounds weird. PG sensitivity, but no reaction with 90% PG?

I see @daath caught this.

I would suspect the flavoring and a food allergy. Think I would make up a no flavor juice 90/10 and try that at first. If that does not work then as @daath said using a process of elimination would be your best way forward. If it does work then maybe trying to get your flavor from another company might make a difference. Wish you luck finding the solution. Would hate to see anyone go back to the stinkies…

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Sounds like we no getting the hole story, but 90PG/10 VG. I was reading this and it sounds like nicotine. I never heard about any body useing that ratio.

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Yeah… that sounds very strange to me too. Never heard anything like this before. What exact flavoring, pg, vg, nicotine are you using? What vendors do they come from? What exactly is your recipe?

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Not sure how to follow a thread so I am replying. Agree with everyone, interest is hearing who the vendor are.

Most brick and motor shops I’ve gone to provide 50/50 mixes or mixes with higher vg’s. Never ran across one with 90% pg.

This how he started the post.

Here is my recipe to the one I like but swells my throat. Nic and bases are from myfreedomsmoke.com

Nicotine juice 100 mg (50/50 PG/VG) 4.8ml 16%
PG dilutant 10.8ml 36%
VG dilutant 12.6ml 42%

Sweetener (TFA) 0.3 ml 1%
Virginia (FA) 1.5ml 5%
Totals 30ml 100%
PG/VG 50/50

I have tried without flavor and same result.
Tried process of elimination but all with the same 50/50 Nic from MFS. Could it be their nicotine that I’m allergic to?

I was gonna mention that the sweetener is sucralose, but if you get it without the flavor, it’s either the PG, the VG or the nicotine. Try without the nicotine… If you still get it, try plain PG… :smile: Sounds very strange.

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