SXK Hadaly clone - a thought or two on the Llama

Hello there ELR!

I thought I might post a thought or two on the Hadaly clone I recently got. As some of you may have noticed, people have been raving about the Hadaly, it’s supposed to be a massive flavour machine, so I thought I might give it a go. Being in China and all, getting a clone is the most reasonable option. Even if you purchase authentic gear over here, you’re never sure it actually is the authentic one - and on top of that, you have to pay anywhere between 1.25 up to 3 times the original price. Enough rambling :wink:

First off, the flavour is good. Is it that good? No. As with any atty that’s properly built (no massive, avoidable design flaws), you can get great flavour from it with the right build. I found the same applies to the NarDa, by the way, but you know - it’s new, it’s shiny and everyone says it’s the shit, especially after dropping that much money on it… The Hadaly is quite similar to the Narda, airflow from two sides, lower than the coil, going up and (relative to the coil size) condensed chamber.
Overall, the build quality is top notch, as was to be expected from SXK. The brushed finish is flawless, everything fits nicely together, no blemishes etc. But: the double o-rings on the base that hold the top cap in place are a tad too thick, which means that even with some liquid as lube it’s an Herculean act to get the cap all the way to the bottom.
The juice well is rather shallow, to me it looks like the Hadaly is meant for squonking and indeed, lo and behold, there is a bottom feeder pin included in the goodies bag! So far so good, I like that there are more and more RDA with squonker pins out of the box. So I switched the pin for the BF one and found a terminal flaw with this clone: the pin requires a pretty big allen key but there is no suitable Allen key included in the box. WTF?
After some fiddling with a regular screwdriver and some rubber in between to fill the void, that was solved. The other thing people have been raving about is how easily the Hadaly is built. This is attributed to its marvellous clamps… well, in my experience I found them to be highly dysfunctional. The side that’s meant to catch your wire is tapered and the area where there are two flat surfaces to press and hold your wire is actually pretty small. Considering that this atty is really power hungry, that seems like a design flaw to me. After some fiddling and unspeakable incantations to the Dark Lords of Coil Building, I managed to get my wires secured, though.
And lastly, the squonking. It’s meant for squonking, so this should be a dream, right? Nah. The airflow holes are rather low and horizontal, so it’s far too easy to over-squonk and get juice all over your mod. Happened once, now my Therion’s leather has a nice, black stain. Thanks a lot! After that I was more careful, had a few dry hits as a result. Yay.
And lastly, again like the Narda, if you don’t get the coil and wicking juuuuuust right, the Hadaly spits like a Llama. At that wattage you’re awarded for your troubles with a nice mouthful of hot juice.

So, all in all, maybe the original Hadaly is built from magical, “authenic” materials and gives off pure Nirwana as flavour (like the Matty :wink: ), but telling from the pictures and other reports these design flaws seem to be consistent with the original. So that’s definitely an authentic I’ll skip.
Nevertheless, it still looks the stuff, it’s a squonker (gotta love 'em) and it has great flavour with smooth airflow, so it’s not a complete waste. It’s just a bit flawed.



it looks like an innovative design, is it this one?

That’s the one.

I just ordered this one its a 1 to 1 clone … I will let you know in 2 weeks what I think :grinning:


Jason p
Wow! 1:1

I almost question did Shenray manufacture the origional, cause this RDA is spot on machining and quality. The best version of hadaly or maybe it’s the real deal. This RDA is a must have for squonk lovers. Fast shipping well done 3fvape

I also ordered this drip tip for the spit back

I think SXK cut to big of a angle on the wire plates compared to the original :disappointed:

And I have the $8.99 SS version from 3Fvape (24mm)…so we can have a comparison soon.
The plates to catch the coils tails are large, no angle cut. Easy on/off top cap without VG lube.
Very well machined.


Dammit! I’m not buying a second one! :pensive: Mine is 22mm, don’t like 'em too big.

@Rob62 could you maybe post a picture of the drip tip you ordered? Funnily, I can’t access 3fvape or fastech or heavengifts from here… lol

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I can only get the small pic’s

but you can try to zoom in

Thanks mate, they look lovely! :heart_eyes:

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Just put up the link, you lazy old fart…and pick me some oranges.
AND…every chance you get, hug Linda.

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Little fuzzy, but you can get an idea…I hope.

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He already put up the link in his first response :slight_smile:

I found and ordered one. Hope they make a good colour pick for me!

I found the card box version you ordered, too. I’m not 100% sure it’s exactly the same, though, because the vendor told me there’s no bf pin included. That would be a major bummer, at least for me. The clamps do indeed look a lot better…
Oh and by the way, in the SXK version the screws are rather short, too. So if you use really thick wire or claptons, they’re almost coming out of the threading. Brilliant. Never seen such a flawed clone by SXK! Normally their stuff is just spot-on.

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Question, how is the unit power hungry?
It would be the requirements of the coil you install that dictate the power needed, isn’t it?

I have found claptons or bigger multiple wire builds are spitty. A single kanthal round wire build in .5 to .7 omh range you can fire them at 25 to 30 watts, spit back stops being a problem without going to tips with spit back screening of any kind.

I have to original so I can’t speak to SXK’s clamps, again with a single wire build the original captures the wires with no problems.

Of course, whether it’s power hungry or not depends on the build - but the build depends on the size of the chamber and the air flow.
It’s true that Claptons are more prone to spitting, I agree! In my next build I’ll try a higher ohm build like you suggested. What is your experience with it in the 25-30W range?

Not in the gold 22mm version. The 24mm SS and the black come with BF pin.

Aha! good to know!

I am referring to the $8.99 and $9.99 version on their site,right?

I’m not, as I can’t access their site from here. I could confirm that the 24mm version that’s not SXK that I found has a BF pin. Why not the 22? :expressionless: Who knows.

Would you like me to send a $8.99 version around the world to you?
I buy Chinese, ship USA, send you in China…?
I will…for you. You just say the word, and I will order it.
It will not be the most efficient accommodation, but we will get it done,
if you wish to walk that path. We can do it, if you wish.

With a .58 ohm coil, 5 wraps, 26 gauge kanthal, with cotton bacon at 30 watts I can use this as a reference RDA while testing new flavors and mixes. It gives unmuted flavor. 30 watts seems to be the sweet spot, raising the wattage 35 the flavor starts to distort. At 20 watts there isn’t enough heat.

I am squonking right now, I find it easier to not over fill the tank this way (you are right about leakage because of the placement of air holes). Dripping it is very easy to over drip. When flavor testing I will drip, change out cotton as I change flavors.

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