Sxk Nebula Zero Mini 60 TC

SXK Nebula Zero Mini 60 TC


Variable wattage: 1 - 60W
Temperature control: 200 - 600F / 100 - 300C
Temperature control supports Ti ( titanium ) and Ni ( Nickel )
510 threading connection with floating center pin
Resistance range: 0.08 - 3ohm
Fit with single 18650 battery
Color: Black, silver, blue, gold, rose gold

First Impression

In all honesty when I saw the box this mod came in I thought to myself " uh oh" here comes a disappointment , I was wrong …so wrong . The truth is is that his little mod is a kick ass little unit that does temp control better than any Dna40 I’ve ever used . It’s a tiny ,heavy ,well built stealth box that should get more attention than it does . If all you are going to read in this review is the first paragraph then I’d like you to know that this is a winner ! It operated ( for me) better in TC with titanium than my IPv4,3 li, and my Evic VTC mini . You can change the Tcor to work with any wire including stainless regardless of having a preset for it and it actually works . Has become my favourite mod for sure .


If your not familiar with the authentic Zero mod by Carlos Creations , it’s a hard to obtain ( and expensive) dna40 mod in a clamshell type design much like the IPv4 but way nicer and much more quality made . This mod is a clone of these mods with a better chip and more power (imho) .
The frame of the mod itself is made of thick stainless steel ( looks like 304) which gives it a heavy durable feel that I love but also makes it very inconvenient to drop in your pocket without tightening up your belt a notch !
The battery cover is made of a thinner more flexible stainless , mine happens to be black but you can buy replacement covers of different colors to change the look .
Once the battery cover is off the battery fits into what might be called a sled but is more of a molded plastic or resin of some sort which has two cut outs on each side for battery removal .
In previous versions of zero clones the 510 pin was adjustable and there were no cutouts so you had to manually unscrew the negative terminal on the bottom of the mod to remove the battery which was a bit of a pain and also shredded the wraps on batteries.
The threading for the 510 connection is right in the frame of the mod , the stainless steel pin floats and I had no trouble getting solid connections with all the tanks I tested with . Some of the previous versions of this mod had adjustable pins that were a pain and had to be adjusted constantly so this is a welcome change .
The screen is bright and reminiscent of a dna40 but is a tad small for someone with bad eyes , not that it’s brutal small as you can read the screen fine and have no problem seeing the temp just wish it was a bit bigger .
The firing button is perfectly placed in my opinion and is very tactile and responsive , not to mention feels very quality made . The up and down buttons have this same feel and are located side by side on the bottom of the mod above the USB charge port .


I don’t want to start gushing but this thing works great . Nickel , titanium , stainless steel , all work fantastic . The presets for titanium and nickel are easy to use and work well , but you need to fine tune those settings by manually changing the temperature coefficient of resistance . The scale goes from 10-100 so if the Tcor of titanium is 0.0035 you would set it to 35 and go up or down from there and find your ideal vape without effecting the temperature protection . I had no issue finding each Tcor quite quickly and found that I got a superior vape to TC mods that don’t let you adjust .
Battery life with a brand new Samsung 25r is actually pretty good for a single 18650 mod , not great but pretty good . It lasted me about 8 hours of regular to light vaping at 440f and 40w with a .10 ohm titanium coil .
Really the only issue I had with the mod would be that it asked me a few times if it was a new coil after only putting it down a minute or two, it did his about three times and then I powered it off then on again and never experienced it again. So kinda weird


1: Quality is great
2: Functions great
3: Comfortable to hold
4: Looks awesome


1: Asking about new coil after a short period of sleep time
2: Price : only reason being you can get cheap 200 watt mods for around the same price BUT they aren’t half the quality of this little beast ( so not a con for me )


In this wonderful day and age we live in you can buy high powered mods for very low prices , most of these are junk that won’t stand the test of time ( or a few drops ) , this mod will . In fact this mod may break your toe if dropped from the right height ! It’s a sturdy , great looking little mod that works as it should and fits just right in an averaged sized hand.It may not be 200 watts but for around 60 bucks this thing is a steal and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one !

If you would like to pick one up you can get one here

Thanks for reading and I will update the review if any changes in performance occur

Thanks to my friend Wade at GearBest !



Exelent review sir :wink:
Might of been tempted but just bit the bullet on the rx200 with some Lg He 4’s. But still a nice little mod. :+1:

I think you’ll prefer the battery life on the mod you got !:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hopefully will mate. Just have to wait on it now. Ha.
Will probably get a dna of the same version but that will be next year now. Pennies a bit tight now. :+1:
That sxk looks well built though. Nice bit of kit. :ok_hand::sunglasses:

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Very nice, thorough review. I may have to recommend to a friend that’s in the market for one.

Thanks for your time in writing and posting.