Syringe - Very unsmooth draw

What happens to syringes after they’ve been used a few times? Specifically what I mean is they tend to lose their smoothness making it difficult to draw and push down on the plunger. Yet another reason to switch to weight. If I lube up a syringe with a little VG it helps, but not for very long.

Well, some flavors, like Ripe Banana (TPA) will destroy your syringes - other flavors does it more slowly (and each time you mix, you vape a little rubber/plastic :wink:)…


Interesting. So some flavors dry out the plunger basically?

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Not dry out - They react with the material! If you see the warning-triangle on a flavor on ELR, and it says “Tank cracker” - it will basically melt your syringes/rubber - some very slowly, others very rapidly. A few years ago, I actually experimented with it - it was insane to actually see the reaction of some liquids :open_mouth:


Oh ok… That makes sense. Yup… time to buy a scale!