Tabanon Molecule

Hi experts,
i use to vape for more that six years the TPA M TYPE flavor.

Since TPA discount it i try to find out how to recreate the recipe and i find out the the Tabanon molecule is the perfume flavor that make like this flavor so much.

As i Remember Tabanon was not approved becuse is not food grade, but i see many CAS flavors from inawera and other that are not food grade as NET are not food grade.

I find out From the TPA site the formula to create the recipe:

And as TPA said:

A toasty, smokey, nutty flavor! This is the same flavor as M Type, but without the ingredient Tabanon. Here is the formula for our old M Type flavor:

Bitter Nut Extra Flavor- 1 gallon
Tabanon - 45 grams (one 30ml bottle plus one 15ml bottle)

4oz of Bitter Nut Extra Flavor + 1.4ml Tabanon (Approximately 18 drops) = M-Type (purchase 4ml Tabanon)
16oz of Bitter Nut Extra Flavor + 5.625 ml (Approximately one 4ml vial + 32 drops) of Tabanon = M-Type (purchase two 4ml Tabanon or one 15ml Tabanon).

But as i am not from USA and i can not buy the Tabanon i find it in sites here in Europe.
Can you tell me please if the Tabanon from TPA (i see from MSDS that CAS number is from Vigon), is the same as Symrise?
I can not add more link i just google Tabanon Symrise

→ Symrise Tabanon
→ perfumersupplyhouse tabanon symrise

Does any of you use the TPA Recipe for M TYPE with Tabanon?
Will it be safe?

Thank you very much.



First off, Welcome!
Secondly, this link here will have some places you may be able to order from. Not sure if this helps…


This is the link to the corrected name-


Thank you Linda i know about the link there is not anywhere.

I just wanted to know if anyone knows something about Tabanon.

Thanks for your help!


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Looks like this company might be using it , but they may be only trying to replicate it​:person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

The wording " based on " tabanon molecule is a bit cofusing …Are they using the eztract or not ? Tabanon is NOT water soluble


thank you all for the response!

As i have checked the msds of Tabanon is not water soluble, i guess as it is used with Bitter Nut which contains alcohol then it can become a flavor that is water soluble as Tabanon can be soluble with alcohol.

I hoped if someone has vaped the flavor so as to give as a feedback


Good thing you looked a little deeper , This is what i glanced at Seen Alcohol Water lol no comma between the Alcohol Water though🤷…


if you check:
Vigon said that Wter Soluble is not.