Tag your recipies with emojis :)

Just found out that you can use Emojis in the recipies which makes tagging them with the main flavor profile really useful.

Like :strawberry::banana: :slight_smile:

Not want to be too childish here, but I like this.


nah… Not childish at all IMO.

It’s all too easy to forget (especially prone to happen in the USA) where we sometimes take it for granted, that something as simple as that might actually grab someone else’s attention who doesn’t speak the language, but everyone knows the picture of a food item of they’ve had any experience with it! :wink:

I think it’s a nice idea, and possibly a good way to pull in another potential mixer, who might think it’s worth making the extra effort to cross the language barrier sure to something so seemingly insignificant. =)

(edit: stupid auto-correct on the phone)


there is a kid in all of us , its fun , and you like it so thats all that matters , i went running around town today battling pokeman that could be considered childish lol