Taifun Gt 2 Clone

I’m glad I didn’t give up on this flooding dry hitting monster !

took me so long to get the wicking right ! Once you do it’s flavor rivals a lot of the best tanks out there


I have an original v 1 and for a while (before I became a horder ) I modified it and was very happy w it!

I was actually very frustrated with this thing . Kept flooding .Once I got it set up proper it works awesome …I was suprised the amount of airflow . The flavor is the real deal tho !

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Just got the Hcigar GT IIS clone from fasttech. 20ish dollars and 20 days wait. The machining and tolerances are superb. Certainly much better than my Kayfun. Highly recommended.

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What did you have to do to get it set up properly

My first try I wrapped my coil to small and there wasn’t enough wick to sit in the juice slots on the side . Also only push the bottom part of the chimney down so it sits flush with your coil.