Taking a bit of a break...purportedly

Well, I’ve taken breaks from internet boards before, but never publically announced my intention before, cos I’ve all-too-often seen others do that, and then post again next day , just as if they completely forgot they were taking a break! Some ef 'em do that with such regularity , you get sick to death of saying goodbye, good luck and all that and start wishing that they really would bugger off!

I should hope not to turn into one of those people! But I’m human (purportedly) and as unreliable as the next guy (though not quite as bad as the next one after him, and steady as a rock if you compare me to that one over there in the red sweater) so I hesitate to post this.

Besides , what I actually intend to do, is stop posting for a while. I’m not gonna deny myself a peek at other people’s tasting notes. Heck, I’ve been peeking at those since long before I joined this place. I consider them indispensible. I just intend to do so rather more invisibly than usual, and to avoid getting drawn into discussions.

Well, that’s the plan. Now we’ll see if I can pull it off; rather than make you all groan, as i reappear faster than Shroedinger’s cat .

No need for goodbyes and all that. Really! By “break”, i mean “break” , nothing more. Just a bit of a holiday from weird vibes and stuff, until I feel recuperated or something. Not worth an anouncement , really. It’s not like I’m Jojo, and everybody’s gonna be sad. I just think a handful people will probably notice I’m gone, (seeing as i got to be a “regular” ) and miss me a bit…

… but , anyway, what the heck, thought I might as well stick my neck out this once.


well you hve grown on me im not sure of its like a fungus or a blossoming flower but you have grown on me and you will be missed but if its needed than thats what you gotta do , i hope you return soon and this break helps


Enjoy your break and come back refreshed


I shall miss you, come back soon though. :slightly_frowning_face:


Take care Bro!!!


Enjoy your break!


Enjoy your break mate :v:


Ha…that’s funny! :sunglasses:

@jay210 Hop on the scoot and head west. Best clear-your-head therapy I know of!
See ya soon!


Much appreciated :slight_smile:
Of course I read this right away, and was itching to reply, but…well, how feeble would that have been?
Thanks , FV and everybody else for all the kind kind thoughts and good wishes . They really were appreciated.

Nice idea , but heading West round here takes you into Wales, where they really hate us English gits, most especially the sort of Engish git who knows Dylan Thomas’ poetry backwards (do you know that Llareggub is “Bugger All” backwards? Some Welsh folk take deep offence at that, so I’ve found.)

Nice scenery, mind. But then my three-wheeled walker doesn’t take me very far very fast, so I’ve just had to settle for my little urban garden, my books of poetry and stuff, my internet connection and my intoxicating dreams Can’t grumble :slight_smile:


@jay210 have some nice quiet time off mate.

welcome back jay210

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@jay210 We never met but I think it’s polite of you to give your friends a heads up by saying goodbye with an explanation. I’ve been on forums where people just disappeared without a word and caused a panic, only to return completely intact and with an incidental apology. Hope you enjoy your break.


Thanks, but just to clarify: the OP is dated March 15. Have been having a break, already . Sort of back-ish , now


Ohhhh, in THAT case, welcome BACK !!!