Talked to another vendor I used to buy from, and she's out

A good friend and vendor I used to buy from said she was closing up shop, due to a Sept. 2017 deadline, wherein I believe she said anyone providing finished ejuice had to register as a tobacco company. Will read this when home.


Ive been wanting to stop into my favorite B&M to see how it is going with them. The owner got me started in DIY and vaping before that. He mixes everything in shop and has at least 150 flavors…

I thought all this stuff was being eased up on?


i think the pmta got pushed four years , but there are other deadlines of things


They never do anything right… If people ever wake up from this democrat/republican crap we might be able to live in a free country again, for a short while at least.


@Ken_O_Where that’s what I thought. Went to buy some parts, and saw the “Going out of business” banner and hit her up. She clearly said that by Sept. of this year, anyone formulating had to register as a tobacco company.

{Partially redacted…}

Yes, we are closing. As of 9/30 all mixers that sell or even give away are required to register with the FDA as tobacco manufacturers. …
So that leaves us with no other choice but to close. … I refuse to register as a tobacco manufacturer. They won’t tell us what that entails other than we must follow the regulations for our industry, be open to all inspections, and can be fined heavily for infractions. But they won’t tell us what the rules are that we must follow. I can’t do that.


Effective and Compliance Dates Applicable to Retailers, Manufacturers,
Importers, and Distributors of Newly Deemed Tobacco Products
Quick Facts
Retailers that mix and prepare e-liquids or create or modify vaporizers will be
> regulated as both retailers and manufacturers.
• Importers of tobacco products must ensure that the tobacco products they import
are in compliance with the law


I know a local mixer who just shut down as well. Too sad. :cry:


I remember back when all the regulation talks first started and so many people said that we need a little regulation. The govt doesnt do “a little regulation”.

The free market was working just fine, it was amazing at how quickly vendors implemented the ideas of their consumers. No scrambling around, freaking out, and worrying. They just did what we asked based on real concerns.

Now look at it…

Its beyond sad, its shameful and in my opinion its criminal.


Couldn’t agree with you more.


Oh man! This is crazy! Next thing you know it will be difficult to get nicotine :frowning:


Have to agree with you @Ken_O_Where. I guess it is always about what SIDE of the fence you are on though ehh ?? We’re on the vaping’s better than smoking side, but there are those (I guess) who are screaming about marketing to kids, colorful labels, candy flavors, blah, blah, blah. Then there’s the whole, “Hey were loosing a crap ton of tax revenue on cigarettes, what do we do now …” side of the fence.

Not saying I have to, but maybe I better start looking for that Underground Vaping map I hid in the back yard, maybe I’ll need it (maybe not…).


@juice_junkie_lover Sorry mate, I didn’t mean to stir up a panic or anything, just was bummed after I talked to her, and hearing what she had to say, figured I’d better at least mention it here, for better or worse. Who knows, right ?? I know I have probably close to 2L on Argon gas, with another 1L (at least) for general mixing, so if I get the feeling that things are “ehhhh”, maybe I get some more NIC w./ Argon just to keep the peace. Planning’s never bad, right ?? I mean those who PANIC are typically the “hand to mouth”, “day to day” kind of people who never look down the road, wonder “what if ?”.

Never a bad idea to plan ahead, and DIY, is no different IMO.


And then there are those who built that fence. In this case is was the scare tactics of the main stream media and their social media counterparts. As in all cases, when looking to find out who built the fence, look at the money trail.

I have enough nice to last me forever, literally. Its really about the only thing that they can regulate. I think there will be some court cases, they claim that they can regulate 0mg ejuice as it contains traces of nicotine. This is a claim that will be tested in the courts. Should this be taken out of the regulations one shots and nic sales may be more common.

Really who knows what will happen, soooo many variables. Too many to see all the probable outcomes thats for sure. I grew up in a “better safe than sorry” household.


Point WELL made Mr. Ken.




Time to get an old VW Bus and start driving and mixing and selling. Could call my brand creations: Speak Easy Vape, just like prohibition. For the record, just kidding.


Speak Easy Vape is an excellent name. But a shame we have to take names from the prohibition to use for something that is safer than alcohol or tobacco.

I still would run,with that. And if you think you will get caught, run fast as hell.

6 Likes Check this out pay attention to the postponement date



The agency plans to issue this guidance describing a new enforcement policy shortly. Under expected revised timelines, applications for newly-regulated combustible products, such as cigars, pipe tobacco and hookah tobacco, would be submitted by Aug. 8, 2021, and applications for non-combustible products such as ENDS or e-cigarettes would be submitted by Aug. 8, 2022.

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