Taming a Red Bull

So I am going for a good red bull vape, I had a cheap one forever ago from a tobacco store that was actually really good and I know the concentrate they used can’t be too difficult to find.

I ordered one when I first started DIY “Red Energy” (SC(Super Concentrate)) and it was gross. Kinda close, but mostly tasted like cough syrup.

Has anyone ran into any good red bull flavor concentrates?

Even if it doesn’t taste much like red bull, but is still sweet or pleasant, let me know.


I’ve played around with FA version. I can’t recall the exact name. I wasn’t impressed. It does add an accent needed for some recipies. But when I tried it as a primary ingredient it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Hope this helps with the process of elimination.

Huh, I didn’t even know FA had a version. I got the TPA Red Bowl (Hilarious name btw) and that should come in today, so we will see.

I kinda get what you are saying about it being a good mixer vs standalone, I have a recipe that is red bull and green apple that I’m trying to find a good red bull for.

Of course I am drawing a blank of the name. But I generally see it as a hidden flavor in well developed recipies.

It’s burtied within the HICs orange tic-tac recipie.