Tamper proof seals for caps

Does anyone know where I could find some tamper proof seals for my bottles? Like the ones that are perforated plastic?

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Thank you. And I guess one more question, which one? I know nothing about these things. I’m usually a good researcher but I don’t know where to start. Is there a certain one for the cap?

what bottles are you putting them on? is it just your typical boston rounds?

I’ve never heard of Boston rounds lol. The bottles I’m using are your regular pet and ldpe dripper bottles with the childproof cap

lol boston rounds are just the glass ones any one of these 3 should fit give me a second and i will check my boston round vs. one of my pet https://www.glassbottleoutlet.com/products/more/shrink-bands/1-oz-child-resistant-dropper

hmm the caps on my boston rounds are wider so im not sure http://wholesale.heartlandvapes.com/media/catalog/product/cache/2/image/3a9e366d1177e2f98d7ae0709f7d6caf/g/l/glass-bottle-1oz-clear-cp-dropper.jpg <------- those are boston rounds by the way

Okay cool. So the Boston rounds are the glass ones with the dripper on the cap?

yes they are