Tangerine flavors

I am starting this thread in revolt of Capella’s Sweet Tangerine.

I cannot stand it. It is not very sweet and is SUPER harsh (to me at least). Seriously, this stuff is like smoking nails to my throat. I am wondering if anyone has had the same experience.

The stuff is used in everything and there aren’t really many tangerines out there so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

The only other tangerines out there (that I have found) are as follow:

Tangerine- TPA
Tangerine (Natural)- FW

If anyone has any notes on these (Yes, I already checked the flavoring notes.), it would be greatly appreciated.

That’s it really, I have only found those two (in the notes) other than sweet tangerine by CAP.

Also, what to YOU is the main difference in taste, smell, and smoking between tangerines and oranges out there?

If they are so close that it is not worth finding a tangerine, fine by me, however I have had a GREAT tangerine vape and I am looking to emulate that.


that goes to show how subjective taste is i love it i use it mixed with guava and papya and a couple creams the juice is great


FW is not bad, but I would go with blood orange or if you are addin it to a cream base, TPA orange cream is good as an additive. Tangerine alone would not reccomend. It is just not a great stand alone. What are you trying to mix?


now that i could agree with :wink:


I have my moments.


I agree 100% I feel that Sweet Tangerine is super gentle when compared to most citrus.


and its great with papaya and guava ill shoot u this simple but good recipe


@Amy2 two week steep min and its a very pleasant vape i was surprised with this one , it took me back to when i made simple but good juice , it seems now a days im trying to get too complex and failing more than succeeding


Hmmmmmm, maybe I should get another bottle? Perhaps that one was bad.

I have heard a few mention blood orange. FW is all that is available on BCV. I feel like someone just recently released a blood orange flavor…

Nonetheless, I have the same issue with CAP Yellow Peach. Harsh as hell, but it is soooo good. Tried ordering another bottle. Harshness still persists.

May just be a chemistry of the palate that no one quite understands, yet.


to me these are accent , secondary or even a third flave that helps the main flaves and the creams you add or biscuit type flaves also calm those down a bit , EM or MTS vape wizard help calm thi gs down for me try steeping longer or cutting down percentages and dont forget EVERYONE has their own way of mixing and tastes are different some would say whoa too much cream in that mix i say oh really i wanted a creamy mix with just a little taste thats why i did that , lol , but seriously i think people have to start doing what they like and not what others say is right , TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE if there is one thing that is completely correct when it comes to vape it that , we hear a lot of people including myself saying commercial juices use too much sucralose obviously NoT bc people love those juices right , here is a reason why we cant clone most juices BECAUSE we are stuck on not using sucralose and while im being a hypocrite here i dont like or want to clone any juice WOW did i just go off on a rant way off topic lmao sorry anyway if it doesnt work for you thats ok , i cant use honey and hate tobacco flaves so what right maybe try an FA orange maybe you just dont like orange / tangering flaves when it comes to vape , your bottle is probably fine maybe its another flave or the mix of thwm just remember Nothing is wrong when it comes to vaping as long as you like it and it works for you Good luck


Yep, 100% with you on taste being subjective. This is what makes the procedure so variable from person to person and why there are no “concrete rules”.

I have FA Orange and use it in a few recipes, they definitely wouldn’t be the same without.

I am with you on sucralose, I have been using it more lately, but in smaller amounts when cloning and it DOES help but is very picky sometimes.

I would have to say I definitely like orange UNLESS Element’s “Fresh Squeeze” is something other than orange, hmmm… Another one I’m trying to clone which I feel a good tangerine (or blood orange) would aid in.

@Amy2 @Skullblade789
Do you guys find that orange flavors need a certain time to steep?

It seems they are good after a week, and the same after two. Is there something I am missing?


Papaya FA smells like wood maybe even rotting tree stump lol

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Pyure stevia is said to mellow fruit mixes in particular citrus blends. Cant say for certain as mine is on route in the mail. Had to buy it on ebay as neither walmart or amazon would ship to Canada. Payed 60$ for four bottles :frowning: stuff better work lol

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I like citrus to calm down and sometimes well a lot of time I’ll sneak some cream in the recipe to just buffer some of the crisp that comes along w/ it. I can’t vape them straight away w/o coughing my butt off so Yes I’ll steep them at least a good 2-3 weeks.

You mentioned using a sweetener that was where I was headed next but it seems it’s working a lil for you it did for me as well I felt I could vape it a lil sooner. Pyrue ( Stevia ) is what works for me.

It’s just the subjective thing finding the right one that works is the best answer I can give you. I for one am not a fan of Orange FA lol 1 drop will do it for me for a recipe I find it so strong and so candy like I can’t use it much higher unless it’s meant to be some sort of candy juice and then I spend my time trying to bury it since it’s a bully and likes to steep stronger.

I also like to use Mango FLV’s is one that works really well w/ citrus it’s a sweeter mango and that helps keep the tangerine and orange a sweeter one. Wish I had a better answer for you.

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I find Cap Tangerine needs shaking regularly to mix with the base, whilst steeping, as it tends to sit at the top of the mix if I don’t. I get a very strong almost neat tangerine flavour for the first tankful as all the concentrate goes into that, then very little tangerine after that. Just vaping a Peach and Tangerine Yoghurt mix which I haven’t shaken enough and this exact thing has happened, even though the tangerine is less than 2% in the mix.

Another thing I am experimenting with at the moment (although not tangerine yet) is saline. It has a very interesting effect on citric and sweet flavours for me in that the saline really tones down the citric/sweetness in the very strong concentrates with these attributes and leaves just the flavour of the fruit behind.The problem is though finding the right level of the saline for the mix. Certainly less than 2% and below 1% in a lot of cases, otherwise it starts to mute the actual flavour as well. Still early days for these test samples yet though…


@Skullblade789 but then he forgets where he put them and all is back to normal

I’d go with Capella Juicy Orange every time especially if you’re gonna add a cream to it.

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i love papya , personally i dont like to smell flaves straight from bottle , otherwise i most likely will be scared to use them , some smell like piss , some smell like puke , some smell like straight acetone but when used in a mix with VG / PG it tells a different story , i quit smelling them after smelling FA condensed milk when i first started diy that stuff almost made me puke then i started reading good things about it but still i cant use it ever bc the smell. has stayed in my head lol

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Sorry for the off-tangerine post :stuck_out_tongue: but a word of warning hun: i’d advise you to ask a chemist about the relative safety of vaping saline at the temperatures and amounts you use, before continuing to do so. When salt is vapourized with heat (there is a question as to the temperature…see below), it forms chlorine gas. Which is particularly reactive with mucous membrane tissues, and literally corrosive.

Now i’m not a chemist, so again…i would ask someone who is for clarity on whether there’s an issue. But the boiling point (the point at which a liquid becomes a vapour) for saline is only 102° celsius. (Apparently saltier saline can bring this up to about 108° celsius). The real question is: would that actually vapourize the salt itself in the saline, or just the water? The boiling point for pure salt (sodium chloride) is much higher: 1,413° celsius.

My guess based on all this is that you’re not going to get chlorine gas from vaping…but by using some saline in a liquid, if you’re vaping off the water in your saline and it’s leaving the salt behind, well :thinking:…we all know what salt does to roadways and metals. It’s highly corrosive. Not something you want accumulating in your tank or coils, y’know? :robot: Could find yourself unknowingly inhaling corroded metal at that point. i know we’re talking about small amounts here, but still…yeah.

Anyway…just some food for thought. :slight_smile: :heart:


I am not sure where it is but I found some interesting information regarding saline in e liquid. If I remember correctly, it is PERFECTLY safe as it would only create those gases if there was a larger amount of sodium chloride (salt) than should be in saline.

If I find it, I will link it. But after doing about a month of research on it a while back, I recall it being okay. If I am wrong please correct me, but this is the impression I was left with after all of my research.

It does something to mixes but I cant say exactly what yet. It does add a bit of salt to the taste but that seems to steep out after a few days.

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