Tank & atomiser details

I love this site but it would be even more awesome if there was a field for what setup people are using for their recipe. Tank, mod and atomiser would really help people to taste what the creator is tasting.

I mostly mouth to lung vape and recipes taste so different to sub ohm recipes depending on your device.

What do you guys/girls think?




Some people put in the notes of their recipes what they use to vape their recipes on. I usually don’t because I’ve tried my recipe on both my Smok VapePen 22 (0.15-0.60 ohms) and my rebuildable atomizer (can’t think of the make and model at the moment) and they taste great on both with no reduction or increase in flavor between them.

I agree it’s a good idea. What exactly did you have in mind? Like a multiple choice option w to select sub-ohm, pod, AIO, or RBA/RDA? MTL or DTL? I can see the benefit but I can also see the confusion it could cause.

It would also be a bit (possibly a lot) of extra work for the devs… between the development of the option and the upkeep to maintain it…


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As far as creating a “field” for it, not sure how that could be done, except for a large text entry box, as the amount(s) of info could vary wildly. I know for all of my SFT threads/posts, I always state what equipment I am/was using. People can, and/or could always add their equipment to the bottom or text area of their recipes right now actually. I like your thought process, as many times, the creator has (hopefully), a flavor chucking setup, but testers/users may or may not, and if so, they’re experience may DIFFER quite a bit.


I post info like this on my SFT posts …


You’re totally right, I just though it’s important to taste what the creator is tasting. I’ve been vaping 13 years and finding the right combo of hardware and making you’re own juice is the hardest part imo.


ABSOLUTELY. You can get people sucking your work of art recipe through a trash can, and then they post, “Tastes like crap”, or “No flavor” LOL.


I think just having the guideline of what the creator is using would be helpful. Sure the dtl or Mtl is a big part. I used to vape titan tobacco for many years then made my own watermelon recipe. This was a game changer for myself…
Tastes great vaping on my innoken zlide at 14.7w with a 0.8 coil but no flavour on my Unwell caliburn at 15w with 1ohm coil.

Taste and setup imo makes a huge difference but maybe I’m just an oddity…


I totally get you and agree. I just wondered what exactly you meant. An add-on to choose type or just a suggestion that people list what they use in the notes for their recipes?

One will take work and require upkeep. The other will depend on the poster to actually list what they use, on their own, you know?

I wasn’t trying to come at you or tear down your suggestion. just pointing out some things.


Totally cool and I didn’t get that vibe at all :+1:

I just want us to help others with whatever they are using.

Maybe simple just writing in the description would do.

Drop down wattage and drop down selection of atomiser ohm would be epic imo.

I struggle so much mixing for my setup, it just prompted me to discuss…

I love vaping and would love everyone to just enjoy on whatever device they are on :blush:


Welcome and glad you joined.


You’re absolutely right!!

I’m glad to hear another “voice in the chorus” of those of us who have learned (through trial and error, rather than parroting something they read) that the impact that the type of atty, power level, etc can have in how the exact same recipe can vary in taste simply by changing one aspect of the equation.

As for your request, honestly it can’t happen. You’ve seen the state of the database I’m sure… Imagine how many atty brands, models, power settings, cotton brands, etc etc etc there are, and, well, it’s simply easier to do as SD mentioned above.
Put the notes about what you’re using in the recipe listing. :wink:

It’s also helpful to yourself, when you come back years later, and revisit a recipe, and are wondering why it doesn’t taste the same. lol

(PS: I moved your thread to the Feedback section, because it’s really addressing the operation/feature set of the calculator.)


Just spitting into the wind here but…
Assuming both are using kanthal (due to the impedances), I’m wondering if one is using cotton, and the other uses silica wick?


Totally get what you’re saying.

Every aspect varies the taste but from my humble experience the biggest factors are ohms, wattage and airflow.

Thanks for moving my post. Wasn’t really sure where to put it :+1:

The only reason I suggested is that if people have a drop down/field of Ohms, wattage and airflow percentage they might actually input it…

Laziness is built into human nature :rofl:

I haven’t seen one recipe description include those details when I’ve been foraging the recipes…

No worries though. When I do add recipes I’ll add the above details.

Happy vaping!


I totally understand!
But there’s some of us that do it…
(granted, not many, but it could catch on)

Or not (given how many years ago I tried…lol)


I currently have 8 RTA’s and 2 RDA’s in rotation. I have a little over 20 in my dead pile. They all taste, at least slightly, different with the same juice. Some atty’s are better at producing overall flavor than others, and some are better at specific types of flavor. It would be tough. But not a bad thought.