Tank cracking flavors

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Some flavors that i like are so called tank crackers. One of them is Vanilla Custard - The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice.

  1. What do we know about those flavors?
  2. Why and how they crack plastic?
  3. Is it safe to vape them?
  4. Is there’s a temperature which is safe to vape them or it doesn’t depend on the temp?

Please share your knowledge!



They crack tanks because they contain certain esters that react with certain types of plastic. Temperature has nothing to do with it. Most of them should be safe to vape, just use a glass or steel tank :slight_smile:


Good topic btw
I haven’t heard much about tank cracking in a while, I wonder if it is because many tanks have gone to glass.


That would be my guess as well. I know that some companies are going back to plastics/resins for their tanks, I wonder how those stand up to the esters. I’m a bit leery with using resin or Ultem tanks, simply because I don’t know how well they resist some of those more ‘troublesome’ compounds.


What @daath says, it’s the Ethyl Acetate that dissolves plastic.


Checked the website the vanilla custard contains 2 esters but they are present in other flavors that dont crack tanks ? I wonder if it is the combination of the two esters combined that causes the plastic issues ?

I wonder if those flavors dissolve or crack anything inside my body :speak_no_evil:

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I will be keeping an eye out for esters after this i dont use flavors that crack tanks but now im slightly concerened about these esters. Theres one in strawberry tfa that is in my adv at 7 %. Will have to research this issue.

It appears that esters are in most friut flavors so ill just have live with it - bring on the esters !




:flushed:. Wow! I did not know this and thank goodness have not had this problem. I’ve heard that cinnamon does crack tanks but I’ve not used any yet and when I test I drip anyway… I’ve recently been testing some tpa vbic though and have had some in a tank w no problem yet. Very little but I’ll pay attention to that in the future thank you!

As long as you don’t have plastic body parts you’ll be fine :laughing:


Josephine_van_Rijn :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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