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Tank vs RDA or others


Hello everyone, I’m novice, old man, and I do not speak English, forgive the grammar.
At the moment I only vape in tank. I’m making some recipes that I find here, and some proof of mine …
My doubt: I understand that the oldest recipes, with the highest percentage of flavors, adapt well to the tank, but the most recent, with a lower percentage of flavors, I think that designed for vaping in RDA or other models of coils, they are a little low for the tank.
Do you think it would be a good start to raise them in percentage by 5-7%? It’s the idea I have now, but before doing it wrong, I thought about consulting. I think they will have vaped in tank, and they will understand my doubt.
Thanks in advance.

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There are all kinds of ‘tanks’. What kind of tank do you use? The best advice I can share is to just experiment. Start out with low percentages and adjust up from there until you have your flavor dialed in. Maybe purchase a few different types of tanks-- RBA, RTA, RDTA and determine what works best for your style of vaping.

BTW…I visited Barcelona while in the military. It’s beautiful, from what I remember.


The older recipes (2014-2016) are probably mtl. If you’re planning on vaping them in a sub ohm tank, reduce the percentage by half at least lol.

The lower percentage recipes as you describe them are not always for rda. They do work also in sub ohm tanks and rta, unfortunately they mostly are too mild for people just quitting to smoke or used to commercial still.

I normally suggest increasing percentage by .25-.5% overall and see if that’s better. Depending on recipe or brands used, increasing it by a set 5-7% could fully ruin the recipe imo.


Remember a couple things, too… First, taste is subjective. A recipe you are worried about making may be strong enough to you as it already is; mixing and testing is the only way to really know. Second, some recipes will always be low % because some flavors are very strong and work best there, regardless of how they are vaped.

The above responses are useful and worth considering, for sure. But in the end, everyone’s own tastes are unique and subjective, so keep that in mind.

If you raise every ingredient by the same %, you are still not making the same recipe… Percentage of flavors is dictated by how pronounced you want the recipe to be, but also remember that flavors taste different in varying percentage levels… An across-the-board increase will not achieve what you expect it to- for example, some flavors work best at specific levels, and going much above that changes that actual flavor…


Ah, good point!


Im not sure what recipes you are using , but in my case I have recipes as low as 2pct total flavoring that work great in a sub ohm tank

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Ok, understood the points of view. Thank you. As always, experimenting is the best option, but it seems that it would be best to try the recipes without modifying… and evaluate later.
I"m vaping with the tank Smok Tfv8 big baby, with 0.4ohm, to 45watt. I thought that you all built your own coils, and that they gave more flavor


I’ve found that most well made recipes will be flavorful in any tank rda etc , they may be better in one over another… The thing about older recipes is that during that time the devices weren’t great ( cartomizers ) etc so the recipes typically had higher percentages …


Might like to experiment in order to evaluate the mix to your tastes. I take a RDA with a clean wick and apply,vape 100% VG. After 2 or more refills, I add one drop of my new mix along with the same amount of VG I have been adding and vape down to my next refill. Evaluate, then add 2 drops and repeat.


At first, I would just try the juice as is. If you notice that you’re getting too much flavor and you want to tame it down a bit, make a one-shot from it so that it can function as a single concentrate and test with it as if it was a single flavor test. Mix up a few versions with varying %, original, 10% less flavor, 20% less flavor, 30% less flavor, … You just need a little bit as a strength tester (5ml or so will suffice if you just test with a juice you already know).

There can be a big difference in flavor experience between RDA’s, RTA’s, subohm tanks and even that depends on which wicking material or what type of coils you use… there is no general rule that applies to all.
The most recent subohm tank I used with a mesh coil, had surprisingly good flavor. The strength of flavor wasn’t much less than in my average RDA but it was a different flavor. For some reason, it didn’t taste as sweet and complex as what I get from my RDA, but still plenty flavor came through.

With most things in DIY… just test it and find out but start with small amounts in case it doesn’t have the effect you expect.

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