Tap-a-talk Forum APP for ELR

Would anyone be interested in a Tap-a-talk forum for android? From what I’ve seen the owners/admin have to register the forum (in this case, ELR, for the tap-a-talk, which is a forum-to-phone app-…uh app) and it lets you update and talk and carry on through the app. I use it for Vaping Underground and its pretty handy, and from what I’ve seen its free for registration.


Hope to see what happens!

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I use Tap on my Android tablets for both Vaping Underground and ECF. ELR would definitely be a nice addition.

The forum software, Discourse, doesn’t support Tap-a-Talk at this point. Other than the convenience of having all forums in one place, I don’t see many benefits over the Discourse webapp - it’s fast and feature rich, and you get notifications by email… When/if tapatalk gets supported, I might implement it on this forum :slight_smile: