Tariffs at 25% from China

If imports from China are going up 25%,
are you buying more hardware now, before the effective date,
or just gonna deal with it when you want more hardware later ?

Luckily it starts in September, but still…


anecdotal for sure but prices on a lot of the china sites seemed high to me already and not real far of from USA based bushiness


Never ordered from China but was toying with the idea. I may just put that idea on the back burner now.


I have to take it as it comes, I’m already spending very little because of my own poor economy :slight_smile:
I had worked a deal with my landlord while my income was $0, I got reduced rent, now i’m paying back the balance in installments. Without his reduction and some generous donations we would be still camping out (homeless).
So for now I’m shopping heavily when I buy anything, I had to save and shop just for 1L VG last month. I have wire, DIY supplies, so if I can’t afford coils after sept, I’ll rebuild dead ones. I’ll still shop heavily and get the best deal, I’m the kind of shopper that will drive 500 miles out of my way to save $0.03 per gallon on gas :smile:
Lets hope though its just more fake news and nothing will change! Kinda like the great nicotine scare of 2017 HAHA


It doesn’t matter if you order directly from China or buy from a US company. The Tariffs will affect the prices either way. Most Vape products come from China anyway. If you’ve been thinking about buying something you should do it now.


I’m in Europe so I guess I’m good?


Unless China increase prices for direct orders.

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I’m not an expert and also not in the USA, but I seriously doubt it will affect items you buy directly from Chinese shops. If the value of the item(s) is below the tax limit and free to import now, they will most likely also be so after the new import tax.

What it will affect is the US shops, as they now have to pay the 25% import tax, but even that will take some time as they will first be selling stock imported before the new tax.

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So you think China will add an extra 25% to my bill vs everybody else? Just thinking.

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NO - If there is an extra bill, then it will be sent to you directly from US customs or your parcel carrier, just like it is now.

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Ah, good point!