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Tarq's Reviews - New YT Review Channel


Hello again all. Starting up a review and general how to YT channel. Any love you all can show will help me get this started on the right foot.

As of currently I’ve got an intro video and a review of a recently acquired ELUX stater kit (links below).

If you have any feedback or constructive criticism please feel free to share. I’ll be containing my support request to this thread to keep from annoying anyone.

Apologize ahead of time for the parakeet in the background on this one.


Parakeets are awesome… best pets Ive ever had. :+1:


They are great pets but I swear they always choose to “sing” at the most inopportune times lol


Subscribed. Just a request, can the camera not move about? Confess to getting a little sea-sick there…lol. Second video much better.


Great call, I used my phone for these two but am looking to change that soon if I get justification to do so. I will make sure on future videos that we stay stationary though. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll be posting a review of my mesh pro tank in the next couple of days if I don’t decide to do it later this evening.


And thanks for the sub by the way, I really appreciate it.


With a beard like that i am on board some flavour reviews would be good to bro


That can be arranged


Uploaded a new review of the Mesh Pro tank by FreeMaX.

Like all YouTube channels if you enjoyed the video a like would be greatly appreciated and if to want to see more please feel free to subscribe.


Got to create a video for new to diy folks to explain some of the basics and then actually mixing up a batch. As always any support you all can show is greatly appreciated.


Subbed :grin:



Thank you very much for the sub


My newest review and unboxing


Epic beard! And good videos. Keep up the good work. I subbed :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support