Tart and Sour (Lorann). Unansweared questions. Knowledge needed

Hey guys.
Sorry if this has been asked before, tried searching and didn’t really find all the answers I was looking for. Any help would be great and appreciated.

Ok, so I have a few fruity mixes I am going to experiment with, All of them I do like as is, but at times would like something tangy so to say with the same flavor profile. Example strawberry kiwi.

  • I was wondering about percentages to get fruits to pop, a tangy taste, and a sour bite?
  • Also wondering if this is something that would be a static ingredient to a recipe or if this would be one of those 1-2 drops per 10 ml deals.? / could I add a few drops to my favored juices with the recipe as is or do I have to add it to the calculator as a percentage?
  • is this something to do before or after steeping?
  • does this decrease flavor life, decrease flavors in batches that sit for some time before getting all used up?
  • is this only good with fruity mixes?
  • does it affect coils or tanks in any negative manner?
  • does heat or use of a usc affect the tart and sour in a negative way?
  • does this tend to separate from max vg recipes?

I am going to experiment with this my self, have been trying to get other flavors worked out and have not had the time to get into this one, hoping to get some feed back so as I have some idea on what to expect, or even how to approach this. If this topic could strictly stay on tart and sour that would be great.

I want to thank all in advance that takes the time for such a noobish question.


Fruits benefit from adding Sour additives it helps them pop you are correct. I just feel there’s a better flavoring you could use instead of LA’s tart & sour from my experience it requires a lot like 3-4% before I’m getting any real effect. ( taste do differ )

Some alternatives to your quest would be to look into these additive concentrates

this whole thread is a good read

make a 50 ml batch of the fruit juice and then break them up into ( 5 ) 10ml bottles then label them as
Malic acid 1% , next bottle LA tart & sour 3% , next one TFA sour etc. that way when you go back and test them you’ll see which ones really make an impact to you !

Sour Wizard FA is really good and tangy
Ecto Cooler FW has tang
lemonade & oranges

I hope this helps and good luck !


I use a half a percent of TPA Sour in almost all of my fruit mixes.


Thank you for the information. I have sour and a few others I picked up in my last flavor batch. New to sour anything, so yea will be doing my experiments soon. I appreciate all the information you have provided, every bit helps before I start my adventure down the tart and sour road. Ty for the reply


No problem ! Someone eventually comes along and answers. Glad I could help. Keep us updated.

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I like my fruity mixes as they are, but am really excited to start playing with this tart and sour. If that half a percent or what ever works for me makes my fruity mixes better that would just be awesome. Ty for the info

Yeah you don’t taste it so much as it makes the fruit flavors pop I love it.

A 60 ml bottle from Nicotine River will last almost forever. lol

Yes wild keep you guys updated, figure start my experiments with the tart and sour then batches with the sour, and so on. All while taking my notes. I follow or subscribe to you’re feeds (email notifications) . to get feed back from some one as experienced as you is awesome. ty again. Will keep you guys update when I get a chance to play.
By the way I love a lot of the recipes I have tried posted by you. Usually a great change up when I need something away from my fruity mixes

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Thanks for the compliment and I look forward to hearing your outcomes. As I love fruit mixes too !

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So I just got this flavor in a while ago, how has everyone been using this? I am getting mixed results and want to see if anyone is still using this in their mixes to any degree of success.

Acids are a pain in the ass, not sure what to think of them.