Taste seems to fade

Why doe’s the taste of my juice seem to fade as I vape thru the day. Early in the morning it seems like a good strong taste but as I vape thru out the day the flavor seems to fade. And it doe’snt matter if I’m using store bought or my recipe.

Sounds like vaping fatigue. Try switching up your flavors more often throughout the day. Your sense of smell, which is where most of the ‘flavor’ of e-liquid comes from, tends to get accustomed to something if you continually expose yourself to it. Just like how you can’t smell cologne or perfume on yourself after a little while of wearing it.

You can also try things like taking a drink of something or taking a big whiff of coffee grounds or beans.


Here’s a good link on Vapors Tongue … Causes and Cures. Vapors Tongue

I get it bad if I vape the same mix all day. My subtank holds 7mls of juice and if I fill it up all the way by the time I’m half way done with it I can hardly taste it. I have been putting in only 2 or 3 mls, vape it and then switch to a different flavor


Ok I will try that.

I pretty much never vape a tank of the same flavor twice in a row, but I’m flavor ADD. It’s my favorite part of vaping. :wink: That article @Shaner posted is really good. Lots of water, switch flavors, rinse your mouth out, try something totally different, and if all else fails, give it some time. Good luck!

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Thank you Will do!

Happens to me as well cloyce. I do what both these guys said. Switch up often and rinse, stay hydrated and if all else fails time.
They make tongue scrapers and listerine seems to help me as well. Then again I have been known to make a minty e juice just for this reason !

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That’s actually a really great idea! I never even thought about something like that.

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A bit of lemon juice or lemon green tea will wake my taste buds back up most of the time. And yes switching flavors will help as well.