Taste test...yowsers..ouch

Hey now,

So, newbie here. made my first batches last Friday. Doing my daily shaking and I tasted a forest fruit cream I mixed a couple of days ago. I must have forgotten to shake this one…instead of getting a nice creamy taste my mouth went numb in a very unpleasant way and instant dry mouth. Cottonmouth like I’ve never had before. Did i experience a nic hot spot? After about 5 minutes and numerous glasses of water i shook the #$%^ out of it and tasted it again. It was pretty good. I’m still alive and my tongue has gotten back to normal but that was not fun. IF it was nic, I assume it eventually won’t settle out like as I’ve never experienced that in a premade juice.

As usual, thanks for all the posts and advice!

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@scifoc That’s nicotine …even at low mg (me? 2mg) makes your tongue tingly …brain too :wink:


don’t forget to leave some room in a bottle when you mix. if you fill it to the brim, shaking becomes less effective.
i never shake in between when I steep, only when I mix it up and before every use (every time, even commercial juice and also concentrates).


If nic was the last thing you added it probably sat floating at the top of your mix.
I did that with Super Sweet once. Not good.

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