Taste the nic in long loved flavor please help

i have been vaping on sugar bear clone for about 6 months now as my all day vape.i do switch up regularly with new juices but always go back to it.

last month i noticed i was tasting something in it that i didn’t like. Tasted like a cigarette or tobacco leaf. I dropped the nic from 3mg/ml to 2mg/ml and it seemed to clear it up a little and was ok with it but here i am again tasting the nic in my 2mg/ml juice Fresh 100ml bottle.

Is this normal or can there be something i’m missing? Is this my tongue trying to get me to 0 nic ?

The recipe is marked as private so I can’t help ya there but Im not quite sure I follow ya…is it taste and taste alone? Not a throat hit or anything? Peppery? Do you only get this with this particular recipe using the same nic/vg/pg that you use for your other mixes with no issues?

Also do you still have the same issue on a fresh addy?

Is it the same nic? What brand? It may have degraded/oxidized or been contaminated… The taste is gone if you do 0mg?

fixed the private sorry.
its the taste itself that changes the first time i tasted it i was at the end of at 100 ml bottle, this time its a fresh bottle.
using the same recipe same bottles of flavor/pg/vg/nic i have used for months.
let me also say i share with 2 other friends and neither of them notice it.
i have tried different atty’s burning hotter and cooler different wicking materials different wires/gauges flavor unchanged.
I have not tried to drop to 0 nic last 0 nic recipe i made just pissed me off.

i tend to go through 100 ml in a week and its shake and vape normally.

Sorry, posted before I totally understood what you were saying. Coffee hasn’t hit my brain yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t used any of the flavors that are in that mix, so I can’t really say if it is one of those. How long have you been vaping?

EDIT: OMG…I need to go back to bed. You said 6 months on this juice, so at least that long. Was thinking it might have been that your tastebuds are waking up after being dulled by cigarette smoking, but I’d think after six months it’d have happened already. I’m gonna shut up and let someone else help you…clearly I’m not quite functional yet this morning. :wink:


Just want to chime in here so you know there are people here that do want to help. I’ll bet
there are a few that, like me, are quite at a loss… The only thing I can think of, that hasn’t already
been addressed (so far) is, did you shake every single bottle before you mixed with it? Especially
your Nic?

Nevermind… you said others don’t taste it the same as you.
That eliminates that.
Must just be your taste has changed somehow. Maybe go
in search of another flavor that you might enjoy for awhile.

This is really odd…I’m sorry I am at a loss as well. I mean the most obvious would be the nicotine gone bad but if I’m understanding you;

  1. It is ONLY on this particular recipe you taste this

  2. You have used the same nicotine in OTHER recipes and do not notice this

  3. Its a flavor that only comes after some steep time

  4. YOU are the only one that tastes this

  5. Fresh atty doesnt help

Hmmm…I’m not sure what to say outside of getting a tongue implant to see if that helps lol

What about looking into your flavors? Idk why that would have anything to do with it but maybe after some steeping they produce this flavor you speak of?
So maybe make small single flavor batches and see if it is a particular flavor thats causing this?
Im really sorry man, I have no idea

correct on most parts
flavor doesn’t show up with steeping i can make a fresh batch and i can taste it.
i have tried 3 different atty’s same taste there
about to make a batch with some different nic i still h ave my free sample from NN in the freezer.