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Tasty Puff Tasting Notes

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Tasty puff is certainly an underdog in this game.

I find most of their flavors are ready without steeping. In fact most of the time steeping doesn’t help Bc they weaken quickly. I believe they were originally designed to put on your paper as you smoked. Could be wrong but something like that comes to mind.

Lemon lime kamikaze - best lemon lime besides FA. Is immediatly ready to vape w/ o steeping. Key lime with slight lemon.

Chick magnet cherry - hmm a lil on the boozy side but still it’s cherry not a lot of depth their. Not black cherry nor maraschino.
Nilly vanilla- is a bourbon like vanilla not fully boozy scent to it.

Strawberry cough- taste like medicine cough syrupy not sweet thou more stern. And not ripe stern either.

Jungle-fruity tropical but very weak needs pairing.

California Orange- very bright orange but not necessarily blood orange very heavy scent as well. No steeping.

Blueberry- weak smells nothing like bb to me and needs pairing. And since you have to add something to it needs steeping.

Bubblegum- very bubblegum scent and smell not to much steeping. Will need Sweetner thou.

Electric banana- runts like banana candy like and descent but not great. Slightly sweet.

Awesome Apple- slightly sweet nicely pairs with FA Fuji kinda too weak in its own.

I’ve heard ppl like their watermelon that’s all I have of them. But this is subjective anyways.


I really want to try the Rasta Rootbeer. Have you tried that? Or know of a better root beer?

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I haven’t tried that one. I just got Liquid Barn’s root beer I will let you know.

I also have OOO’s root beer and it’s good as well as LA sassafras and it’s pretty good too.

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TP’s Rasta Rootbeer is supposedly the best one out there, IIRC! :smiley:

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Yeah @daath, I just read through that Tasty Puffs tasting notes. Sounds Yummy!

I just got in LA Sassafras Saturday. I used to drink Sassafras tea a lot when I was a kid. An old lady in our neighborhood always made it and I used to go gather the root for her just so I could get a glass. She taught me how to make it too. I really want to see if I can emulate that flavor. It was delish!

Thanks @Amy2


There’s nothing like fresh sassafras root tea! I used to do the same for my Grandmother way down south in MS! Oh my goodness that shit was good! :yum:


I could go for a warm cup of Sass tea right now. Did your grandmother put honey in it? I have had it with honey, brown sugar, regular sugar, molasses, etc.

For any of you who haven’t tried Sassafras tea… Try it!
Sassafras root bark at bulkapothecary.com
Sassafras root at bonanza.com
ebay seller from West Virginia (bet this is good root!)

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We had a root tree as well. Must be a Southern thing :smile: Love it !

Yeah, the lady that used to make it for me was from down south. My grandmother made it as well and she was from Arkansas.


Have you tried to make your own sassy concentrate? I’ve done a few dry herbs with surprising results. Tea, coffee, tobacco, cannabis… You could grind up the roots and then mix them with VG/PG and give it a hot water bath for a few hours.

On topic, I have a few TP flavors.

Cotton Mouth Candy: Taste and smells like cotton candy unflavored. I haven’t used it to make a cotton candy flavor (blue raz, banana) I should, but it has been a nice sweet undertone for a few mixes.

Joosy Fruit: Like the gum. IDK what else to say about it.

Mr Bubble: A very generic gum flavor. Kinda hard to explain. I’d imagine like a gum after chewing the flavor out of it, It’s a bit sweet too.

Strawberry Cough: A generic strawberry flavor. More of candy strawberry (liquorice? sweet tarts) not a jammy ripe kinda strawberry. The smell of it on the back of my hand is almost a fruit loops sweet tarty smell. I tried to mix this under a more realistic strawberry with bad results, but I do plan on giving it another go eventually.

I am ordering a distiller next week along with a bunch of spice and root. I found a good source for Sassafras and Sarsparilla. If nothing else I will just make root beer :wink: