TC VS clapton

Hey Guys

I am a RTA fan. I wind my own coils. usually clapton 25/32g. I like my vape relatively hot. But I wonder if it could get any better if I switched to temperature control. I mean flavor vise. And what should I use? Any tips?

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My first thought would be airflow. More airflow, cooler vape IME. The 2nd thought: get a PWM device like the ones from @Whiterose0818. I don’t know how it works but it feels slightly different from the “normal” electronic ones. Somebody here on the forum mentioned the ramp-up time which could be faster on PWM devices.


Not understanding the title.

Why not both? TC and clapton! =)
Personally, I prefer 26/32 SS in TC mode.


I also use 26/32 SS claptons in TC mode