Tea Flavors

Has anyone tried any tea flavorings? I’ve tried a Jazzy Bobba and Dewey Bobba and they’re amazing, amazing enough to make me want to take a whirl at a tea vape or two. Has anyone tried the INW or FA, or any other brands of Tea? I’ve not seen a bobba tea flavor so I’m unsure of where to even start or what’s comparable.

I love Boba tea. I make it for me and my daughter all the time. :slightly_smiling: As for tea flavored e-liquid, I’m constantly chasing that rainbow. TPA’s green tea is pretty good. I don’t like their black tea at all, but @therabidweasel has had some success combining the two. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my list of to-dos. I believe he also likes TPA Earl Grey. I have FA’s black tea and green tea and they’re both pretty good. A little on the light side and I haven’t really made any mixes with them yet, but they show a lot of promise. I really like TPA green tea and FA Jasmine for a nice jasmine tea. I tried making my own rooibos tea extract and it came out very weak. I may give it another go at some point. Next, I want to see if I can find Hangsen’s teas.

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Agree with @JoJo about the TPA black tea…way too lemony for me.

I have INW black and green tea. Got them a while back but never got around to testing them; you’ve given me a task! I’ll report back sometime this week. :wink:


I really like TPA Earl Gray. It’s not too far off from the flavor I remember from Stash brand Earl Gray.

OSDIY makes a Sweet Southern Tea that’s not half bad.

Tried FW Iced Tea and Chai Tea and was pretty disappointed with both, but that was so long ago I may have been using wacky percentages.

Oh yeah, tried the Cap iced tea…again, too much lemon in that one as well for me.

I’m glad you’re testing the Inawera teas! I don’t think I even knew they had tea. Is the Cap one you tried the sweet tea? If I have to, I will buy every tea flavor I can find. I still lack a few coconuts. After that, I’ll move on to teas. :wink:

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I’ve really come to enjoy the TPA offering in the right tatio. The black needs a few weeks to steep or it is unrealistically floral. I have both black and green FA, but haven’t opened. If INW have teas, that is going on my list. There is a lychee tea flavor called Gamma that will put me in heaven if I am ever able to clone it. I have a version of @JoJo’s Strawbiscus Tea that is steeping with this tea base plus some TPA Earl Grey.

Peach Tea

Ingredient %
Apricot (TPA) 2.5
Black Tea (TPA) 1
Green Tea (TPA) 1.25
Gummi Bear (FW) 2
Juicy Peach (CAP) 6
Pomegranate (TPA) 0.2
Tangerine (Natural) (FW) 2.5

Flavor total: 15.45%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Well I have an order with wiz that wont do anything until the 3rd when they open so I’ve got until then to figure out what to add but I’m proobably just going to swing the INW Tea since no one else has a very large selection of their flavors plus the bottles are so small it works great for a tester.

Yes, I also try Boba tea, I really love it.

I was just transferring my latest Nicotine River purchase into unicorn bottles with the remainder to be put into refrigeration with the rest of my bulk flavors and nic. I noticed that I had both INW black and green tea. Thus, I have black and green tea from FA, INW, and TPA. In addition have the TPA Earl Grey and FA Bergamot. I have only actually used the TPA offerings and have no immediate plans to venture out of that well-worn comfort zone. However, if you guys have a request I can try and come up with something.

Honestly, I had to look up Boba Tea. I have only heard it called bubble tea. That is one admirable goal of a vape…You guys want to try and bounce some ideas, see if we can come up with a recipe, and I’ll try and make it once I buy a few more supplies? I know I wont have the right milks. I’m happy to try and duplicate an effort tif someone has one going too.

I’m thinking condensed milk, tea(s), sweet cream, maybe some meringue, (yogurt or more creamy milk), marzipan, vanilla. . .not sure how to get the dark-colored tapioca flavor. . .a really light caramel with some well-steeped Acetyl Pyrazine? Maybe just go vanilla butternut with the light caramel?

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Well I have a decent amount of those lol. I don’t have and AP though.

Trying to find who was wanting a boba (bubble) tea recipe
Was it you guys?
I found one and I like it quite well. I tweaked it a bit…lemme know if it was y’all and if so, I’ll post it

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It was @TELYgamer who was asking about it, but I’m interested if you’ve had some success. :smiley:

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Not sure what would be easier, but I just made my recipes and some variations public on my site. You wanna just look em up on my page or should I just post em? I’m on my tablet, not sure how easy that would be…

I can look them up :slight_smile:

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I got TFA’s Green Tea in my very first order and have been playing with it. I tried it with a hint of mint and black honey tobac and it wasn’t bad. By no means even close to an ADV’r but it was a good start. Was stronger than I expected and I went a little too heavy. I have tested an Earl Grey at the local vape shop and I liked it a lot. The Boba line I also tried and I thought it was very good.

As soon as I burn out making custards and creams I see myself shifting over to teas and spices…going to OD on sweet here, any day now :smiling_imp:

man, I got the Chai Tea last order and…not what I had in mind at all…

I only got a little tester, so I am tempted to try more. I did a batch way too big, using all I had, and it was an irreparable mess. Had to sacrifice the batch to the God of the Sink.

It tasted almost spicy-hot to me. The way cloves are if you use too much. Next time I think I will just try it solo in a tiny batch and work out from there. Maybe another brand as well.

I really like the one with FLV Milk & Honey


Has anyone tried the Flavorah Lemon Tea? I have it and am going to try a single flavor test but am curious if anyone has any experience using it yet.