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Hello Everyone!

This is Tim from TealFlavors.com I just wanted to say hello and introduce another option to get the flavors you need for the sweet sweet juices you crave. We are in the process of building out our inventory however we already have just about every Capella flavor available in 13 ml. Capella’s more popular products are available in 4 oz from us, and we also are growing our TFA product base. If there is a specific flavor we dont have that you want feel free to comment and we will prioritize it. Always available for questions or suggestions.

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Thank you!


Greetings Tim,
Thanks for the info and the discount code, much appreciated!


Shame there’s no international shipping.

Yes for now we are only able to ship to the United States.

Some questions if you have the time. :slight_smile:

Where are you located?

Do you rebottle? (i dont mind rebottled flavorings i just like to know what they are put in and the facility that they are rebottled in)

Plans for higher quality flavorings in the future? (examples: INW, FLV, FA, Real Flavors)

Shipping options?

Payment options? (personally i prefer Paypal)

Thanks for your time and best of luck to you!


All great questions! Here we go:

We are located in Souderton, PA

All of our flavorings are manufactured and bottled by their respective companies. Each bottle is sealed after production and therefore has had the least amount of open air time possible for maximum fresh

We do have plans to expand. The ever growing list of flavors out there is daunting but we are currently working our way through popular TFA flavors and next up will most likely be Flavorah.

Two options for shipping right now are First Class and Priority USPS - Shipping in the United States only

Payment options are Credit Card, Paypal, and Bitcoin

Bonus: I personally have been mixing for almost 2 years now.

Hope this all helps
Thanks and enjoy!


Welcome Tim ! Close Vendor participation is very useful and most helpful! Best wishes and I’m hopeful for a long and successful relationship for all !

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Thanks much for the reply, sorry i didnt notice it sooner.

One thing id love to see is a flavoring company specializing in higher end flavorings. I still love me some CAP/TPA/LA and they were good to me for a few years BUT they werent made for vaping while some of the higher end flavoring companies are. FLV, Real Flavors (SC), FA, INW all work closely with the vaping world and it shows in finished products. It would be nice to put new mixers on to better flavorings that are made for us and in some cases made with our help.

Thanks again for your time, i bookmarked you guys but i wont need to order for quite some time but ill add you guys to the price comparison next time i do order.

Welcome to ELR. :slight_smile:


Welcome! Always good to see a vendor interacting with the community! I’ll bookmark you guys, but I’m on a funding freeze at the moment.

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I’m on a funding freeze too…dang thing thaws every other day though !


Thanks for the good vibes we hope to be able to provide you with the best quality products and keep in touch with our customers needs. Any and all suggestions are welcome! @Ken_O_Where My first priority right now is to offer the flavorings that the customers need. I do have access to Flavorah already and can look into adding that sooner than getting TFA built out. I my self am very interested in RealFlavors since I do mix myself. I have not tried them yet. Thanks for these suggestions!

Bonus: my favorite flavoring at the moment is probably tied…FA Watermelon and Cap Honeydew Melon

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@Walt_RealFlavors is a great guy who goes the extra mile. Perhaps you two can work out something for some samples for you to test and consider. If not holler and i can share what i have with you.

I understand the TPA thing, they have been used by us for a long time now so there are tons of recipes ready to mix with them, CAP too.

Best of luck and holler if you need anything.

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