Team ivar or team lagertha

well its about to go down again and as ive fallen madly in love with lagertha im hoping Rolo comes to her aid anyway GO LAGERTHA LOL


When do we find out? I saw at the beginning “mid season finale.”

Lagertha all the way dude! Hoping the same with Rollo. If not, Kattegat falls and so does Lagertha. I really want to see Bjorn decapitate Ivar though :slight_smile:


Now here’s a thread you definitely need a little inside information to understand! I’m lost… I’m going with the majority here, go Lagertha! Win the thing y’all are talking about!


I was watching this tonight too. I get lost because i dont see it regular and drive my hubby crazy with questions while he watches it…

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im hoping tonight the fight ends at least , im watching now so if its already played on the east coast i dont want to hear anything lol , i noticed the mid season thing as well wth is that all about

haha ok I wont say a word. Luckily I posted that fast and didnt say anything more, I didnt think about west coast not seeing it yet

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im now leaving ELR until its over

chicken shit lol

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oh hell no , really and i have to wait to see if my girl is really sacrificed wth , Rolo is such a disappointment ugh im so irritated right now

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not saying a word :no_mouth: see no mouth

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ive watched it all already but ty lol tbe previews for the next episodes dont look too good for my wife :frowning:

Oh last i heard you were madly in love, seems I missed the wedding. Or you just going straight to honeymooning? :rofl:

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We just got lucky that I didn’t say more. Weird how what I did say didn’t spoil the episode for you. Of course had the crown truly changed hands I would have realized you didn’t see it yet. I think :slight_smile:

Seems another show I enjoyed had a split season where there was a break before it continued. Can’t remember which. I also can’t find any information about when Vikings resumes season 5.

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Team Ivar here. You guys will cry next season :P. Btw i think Uber and Bjorn will run with Bishop Heahmund in England. And Ivar will chaise them there where we will see a lot of battles next season in England. I feel sorry for Halfdan the Black he was very good character. It will be interesting what this show has to offer in the future since this season was kinda very fast paces and rushed.

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Team lagertha for sure!