Techie Help? Brand New Vandy Vape Revolver 25mm RTA Killing Coils 2x Daily!

The clamp is actually black delrin as seen in the lower pics. I’m not sure why it looks metal in the first pictures, probably my phones flash when taking a picture, always lights it up like a stadium :rofl:

The last pic is the hermetic, I believe this has a ceramic, but I don’t have it around me too check at the moment.

Sorry for the confusion, but the lights in my place suck, hence I need to enable the camera flash :frowning:


Hahaha I am now loaded for bear, and prepared to do battle with the evil Revolver! … er… at least I will be when vapemail shows up from APAC region in 2-4 weeks. lol I got some of the Quad-core Fused Clapton(40-28/40)NI80(10pcs)wire, hoping that’ll work to make some honkin’ huge coils for this thing. Yes… i’m so determined to get flavor out of this sucker, I’m actually attempting to build coils, which is a first for me. Also got a few variety packs of larger, more elaborate coils, Demon Killer packs etc, so somewhere in there i’m sure i’ve got the right coil for me on this device. And got some much ‘floofier’ cotton hunks. I think mine is way too narrow for this guy, thus the flooding. @eStorm Your bottom photo is a big ole’ fused clapton, right? Trying to figure out what that braidey deal in the photo above is called. I need like an id’jits guide to coils, I fear. lmao and juuuuuust in case all of that is epic fail, I got a OFRF Gear RTA, so at least I’ll have a functioning tank, one way or the other. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The last picture is a small alien coil or as I call it baby :alien: :wink:

The “braidy” coil as you call it, is actually a failed attempt of a helix coil. So it ended up more of fused claptons, twisted with a ribbon beneath lol.

Wish it would of been braided, I might try that a other time, still learning to build coils. One day tho… :wink:

Not a huge fan of them, but I used to use them too, as I got into rta. Most of these packs include a lot of coils that would be big enough.

The ramp up sucks so, but you can always remove a wrap. Anyways, one thing I do advice, wash these coils before using. Always dirty as hell, at least the packs I got couple years ago.


@eStorm Oh, yeah, I definitely will clean the nasty ‘imported from apac’ wire. Big, big yuck. I made that mistake one time, and it made an impression. Pulsed a new coil, but didn’t actually clean it. Blarg, just wretched. I tasted that fried oil dust for hours, no matter what I did. lol I’ve got some pain/fatigue health yuck that makes me weirdly sensitive to stuff like that, so I try to be careful. I usually just pulse em a number of times, scrub the tar out of them with scalding water and toothbrush and very lightly with a wire brush, and then test everything afterward to make sure I didn’t kill the coil in my attempt to clean it. I’m sure there’s got to be a better way, though. I’d love to get one of those ultrasonic cleaners for steeping and scrubbing, but that’ll have to wait for the ‘someday’ fund to come in.

As to coils, I wasn’t sure about the Demon Killers, but they were the only packs varied enough to try a few options. I was astonished when I went shopping for coils/wire this time, cause its been a good 3-4 years since I’ve really deviated from my plain old store bought basic Claptons and theres such exciting stuff out, now. There’s all these elaborate pre twisted/configured wires available by spool, which is super snazzy. I love the idea that it’s possible to build more exotic coils, simply by twisting one up. Not sure how those pre spooled exotic wires are working for people, but I do know I’m not likely to start having energy to braid wire, so using those pre configured spools to make coils…that’s probably as far into DIY as I’m likely to delve with coils.

So I got some multi core fused clapton to try, since simpler is often best to my taste, and some plain ole Ni80 round to try a parallel wire coil (Dan the Man had a super simple 'how to’video, so I figure was worth a try) and have a bunch more in my cart if none of that works.

My goal between the sampler coil packs and the few spools was to have enough to experiment and find my sweet-spot for about 4 different RTAs and RDAs quickly and relatively inexpensively… so crossing fingers! lol

I really dig your attempt at Helix coil! It may not be what you intended, but its pretty! lol I know next to nothing about coils, but I used to make wire jewelry, so I can see the dexterity that had to go into making that one manually. I think i got a few aliens in my 7 sets of coils, but its hard to tell, just based on the far away texture in the photo. If not, i’ll make sure i pick up a pack. If you have any commercial alien brands you’re fond of, or even wire brands that you recommend for their alien wire, I’m all ears, because that is one I’d like to try a variety of, for sure.

Ok, it was so not my intent, but I seem to have written you a book and a half, here. So sorry! Thanks so much for your help and your time. You guys have all been so friendly and your assistance has saved me so much time and money… hell, not to mention extra frustration with the VV tank from hell. lol Its been a good 5+ years since I was active at ECF, and I’d forgotten how much fun it is to be a part of a vape community. Of course, good forum moderators make all the difference here, which is fantastic. I just can’t wait till I get to a tolerable place with my hardware, so I can focus on some mixing! That’s the really good schtuff. :rainbow:


I pm’d you, so we don’t derail this topic even further with our girly talk :wink:


Wow! Awesome thread. ELR RULES because its stacked with smart and positive females, and @Sprkslfly and @CosmicTruth (pretty sure they’re dudes :wink: ) and many more! So welcome aboard @OddModicum, [rubbing crystal ball] I see tackling coilmaking in your future. It’s just like making jewelry, but as you discovered, improved coil mass-production techniques have dropped the cost of what’s available online to where it’s almost not worth buying the wire.

Special shoutouts to @eStorm …so generous and on target …brilliant. Sprks and Cosmic? You guys are always helpful too, but I didn’t wanna sound flirty :smirk: [shoulder slugs/high fives/:beers:]


lmao @BoDarc shoulder slugs/high fives/beeeeer! That’s my kinda sign-off. So funny in forums, I tend not to know gender of person who I’m chatting with unless they offer it. Definitely makes things interesting. And +1 for smart and positive females offering the benefit of their experience! I was very active on ECF for a while, and I have to say that was definitely lacking in that forum… of course its so huge-ongous, its possible I was just in the wrong place. But I’m new to ELR after a good 4/5 years not active in vape world (though I was vaping my face off that whole time, mind ya), and loving the welcoming and helpful vibe from all. Ya’ll are just fun, and making stuff I never thought I’d tackle, like building my own coils and creating my own recipes, totally within reach. That is one seriously positive community, and one I’m grateful to have found. :+1: