Tell a little about your self

Hello one and all. I would like to start a tread and get to know you guys a little better. Tell a little about you, your family, hobbies, work,your passions likes and or hates.
Any and all. As much as you want or as little.
If there is another tread like this forgive my ignorance.
Just try to keep the big “3” out. Religion, politics and sex.
So with that said Ill be the first to comment.


Im Dave a southern boy. I have a wonderful wife four kids and seven grandkids. I work in a local school district doing IT. Have been for 18 years.
I love woodwork, blacksmithing and all things outdoors.
Been smoking since i was 12. Started vaping 2 weeks ago and love it.
I found this site looking for a good calculator. You guys struck me as warm and friendly and have since found the forum to be a blast.
I am on youtube in my woodworking and blacksmithing. just search for “dave bardin” you will find me.
I hope to get to know u guys a little better and Vape On!!!
I have a bad habbit of keeping 2 mods at hand. That way I can enjoy 2 flavors !!!


Hi Dave,

Im from the UK and am in my 30’s.
I am a master at working wood, or so my brother tells me.
I enjoy long walks in the woods, just to make sure nothing has been found.
The wife and kids I have are ok but not ideal.
I enjoy blowing, huge clouds.
I too have been smoking from a young age, uncle always said so.
This forum really is a blast and I hope you find what your looking for soon enough.
I always try to keep at least one in my hand at all times, cant seem to let go of em.


Hi Dave
I am married and have two kids who live on their own now. I also have two little grand babies. Who I totally enjoy!!! I’m also a RN but have not worked in a little bit because of a spinal injury, hoping to return soon.

I was told to quit smoking because my surgery would not heal well so I quit almost 2 years ago now. I started vaping the day I quit smoking. As soon as I started vaping the obsession started! I have a bunch of mods n attys and always have one in my hand. Lol I even sleep with it next to me.
I love doing DIY and even made my own pain salve recently. I wanted to find something to give me some pain relief without getting high on something. It works great!!
I love organic gardening, bike riding, going on adventures, being spontaneous, and learning new things. I also love a good challenge. I think that’s why I love mixing!
Nice to meet you and welcome to the group.


Hi Dave.

My name is Rob. I use to work at Kmart as a merchandise claims and control associate as part of the asset protection and prevention team…In other words I shipped out broken crap, recalls and discontinued shit for credit. I also was the alternate receiving lead, primary forklift operator and a member of the shrink and safety team. The store closed early this spring and now I watch Doctor Who.

I have 3 sisters. Well, technically 2 and a half, but I prefer to round up. My two younger sisters live in Georgia. My older sister lives in Connecticut, I do as well. Got tons of nieces and nephews, 8 total. No kids…That I know of at least. My father studied and taught martial arts until his passing in 2010. Due to my financial situation I live at home with my mother, which isn’t too bad. I have been doing the yard work and repairs for her for years, so really I’m saving gas and just added house work and cooking. I have two cats, both blue point saimeses. One is a kitten of 6 months and the other is 23 years old.

For hobbies, other than reading and mixing, I don’t really have any. I haven’t been able to play any sports since I was a kid. My older sister and I were born with an autoimmune disease…Although my sister lucked out and developed symptoms in her late 20’s. My fingers have been bent since I was a few days old and started having joint problems when I was 8. 25 years of RA. But I try not to let it slow me down.

Lets see, what else…Oh! When my grandparents left for Florida they parked their car in front of my van. We took them to the airport in my mother’s car. Well, we didn’t realize that they had taken both copies of the key with them. So I think I’m blocked in until spring.


Hi Dave! I’m VapeyMama.
I’ve had a few drinks so I’m feeling a little chatty! I’m 30 something, we can just call it 29. I like to vape… I like diacetyl… I enjoy a nice cocktail (obvs…). I’m a big fan of Fridays, I have a shit load of kids, and I pride myself on making people feel uncomfortable with sexual innuendos… which obviously I’ll avoid here since its one of the “big 3” that we’re avoiding here. :wink:
I too carry around multiple mods, variety is the spice of life! I like to switch it up, I’ll have a dainty little she-mod that tastes like flowers and springtime in one hand, and a big girthy bad boy that loads the whole area with thick hot clouds in the other hand. Sometimes I’ll even have a dripbox in the lineup. Can’t ever get enough flavor!


Hey Dave!

My name is Ben Khumin, I’m 30ish apparently. I’m well known in the city I live in for my famous Hard Khumin Cider. I don’t feel like that needs much explaining, beyond that it’s a beloved thirst quenching brew. Some prefer tart, my Khumin Cider is consistently deep, rich and smooth. Same rules we all know apply, liquor first, always! I’m also known to be an avid dripper. Wut can I say, I’m just wreckless with my liquid and dripping works as long as u don’t mind a mess here n there. When I’m not dripping, I’m working tirelessly on my Khumin Cider. It’s my passion. My devotion. My Khumin Cider (slogan). Once I gained steam, I couldn’t help but release my Khumin Cider wide spread like it was always meant to be! Nothing puts a smile on my face like watching someone enjoy my Khumin Cider👌🏻


tenor (1)a

I’m Pugs, but people round these parts call me…Pugs, but you can call me Pugs…and I am very…very old.
It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Mr Dave…is Super your first name…??..that would be truly super if it was.
I am technically a lighting technician…I say technically…I tell other people to do it while I sit at my desk and chat to these reprobates on ELR about all manner of debauchery…half the work twice the pay…a real manager :wink: (cough-wanker-cough)
I have been vaping for many many moons and thanks to this glorious forum and the people here in…I now…somehow…have become a vape hardware reviewer and run a review website with the help of some other ELR miscreants …some of which…are up there ^…I love them very inappropriately but if I go into too much detail there I shall be breaking rule number 3…heaven forbid…
On a more personal level I have ninety twelve children to various humans…and some animals…and I have a collection of vape devices dotted about all over the house… because I am lazy and can’t be arsed carrying them around…I even have one in the toilet. I like dessert vapes, the more buttery the better and a Whiterose Custom PWM Lipo mod with a 28mm or above RDA…is how I get down and dirty.
I trust this information will suffice Dave…I feel this has been somewhat of a therapy session for me…and for that…I thank you.


Leave it to @Steampugs to provide a laugh or two.
One thing he didn’t mention is that he does some stellar reviews of various devices here on ELR and a couple other forums. You should keep an eye out for them, they’re a hoot :laughing:


very kind of you to say so sir Saxonn :wink:

oh I’m global now how dare you undersell me…:neutral_face:
Dick Dripper shits his knickers when he sees one of my reviews go live…world domination is merely days away now… :grin:


Hello Dave,
My name is Robin
I live in WNY by way of Southern California.
I have a small herbal business. I believe in natures remedies for most ailments.
I am a Pych Nurse and I am currently going to school to hopefully get my masters in Psychology with an emphasis on mental health counseling.
I started smoking cigs when I was a teen and smoked cigs on and off for 30 plus years.
Vaping has totally changed my life. It is the only thing that ever worked to help me quit.
I love mixing juice for friends and family. I try to get as many people as possible off the stinkies.
Everything that I’ve learned about vaping and mixing, I learned it here.
I love this place !!!


That was a hoot!


That was hallarious as well


I stopped drinking in 07. Drank hard 30years. That was the hardest thing I ever did. Harder than smoking. Do miss it.


Way to go!


Wow pugs, may I call u pugs? That was a very intresting read. Very…nice to meat u!


Ooh you’re super dave now!!!


That says a lot! Cheers!


Remember the comedian Super Dave Osborne. From the 80’s. That’s where I get that from.


What?!? Sorry Toots, if that was your goal … well , let’s just say it didn’t work with me :wink: