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As everyone knows by now Donald J. Trump will become the president of the United States in January. Mr. Trump says he will fight the special interests who rob the people of their money and of jobs. It’s time to put Donald to the test. The Vapor Industry is a prime example of a industry that has been regulated in a way that it will slowly turn the industry over to special interest groups, namely Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. Now is the time to write letters but this time rather than writing letters to a entity/entities who ignore our pleas, send our letters directly to the top, namely Donald Trump. Our voice needs to be heard just as it was heard on November 8th and let it begin today…


I agree and am on board. If we all get together we will actually have a chance with a president like Donald trump by our side. Besides what could it hurt?


Do you smell smoke because I’ve been thinking again.

How does an illegal drug get onto a ballot (I know petitions) so people get to vote on it and make it Legal? If our state had as many vapors as it does pot heads we could get it deemed a non-tobacco product. Am I right?


You are correct sir. You need a ballot initiative on a ballot and this is a great time to start. Every state has a signature requirement (some it’s 40 thousand, others less or more of registered voters) to get an issue on a ballot. So basically is what you would do is get a form from the state, make several hundred copies and put clipboards with 30 copies each in a lot of vape shops around the state.


OK everyone, I found that President Elect Trump has started a website where you can actually leave mail to him. This is wonderful and will allow us to voice our concerns with the FDA slowly destroying our vaping rights. Here’s the website…

On this page you will see a link SHARE YOUR IDEAS This link will allow you to post your comments to the Donald. Myself and @SthrnMixer are working on a letter which we will release here publicly hopefully soon. When we do we hope it will help you to formulate your own letter with your concerns about the FDA regulations. If you choose to not wait on our letter then please allow me to state my opinion as to possibly good talking points…

1: FDA regs great injustice to the vaping community
2: UK Ministry of Health considers Vaping 95% safer than cigarette smoking
3: Ecig equipment is considered a tobacco product & that said anything put into it becomes a tobacco product regardless of tobacco relationship, (0mg nic juice, etc)
4: Due to burdening regulation and the cost to comply with Pre Market Tobacco Applications ALL small businesses will have to remove product they have already sold for years off the shelf for good which severely hurts said business.
5: Improvements and innovation has come to a standstill as of the Aug 8 2016 effective date. Equipment was becoming more and more safe but now that is at a standstill.
6: Due to FDA regulation the vapor industry will slowly but surely be taken over by SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS namely Big Tobacco and Big Pharma being these 2 entities are nearly the only ones who can pay the absorbent fees for PMTA approval. Every flavor, every nic value is a separate application. This will be a job killer and small business killer.
7: Vaping community sees the FDA as a entity which only cares to please SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS and not actually caring about the health of the American Public by saying they are protecting minors, yet many states have already placed no minor rules, child proof caps, ect, in force already.
8: This is not a tobacco product. There is no ignition of any kind of any material. It is the vaporization of a benign liquid. If you want to elaborate as to what that liquid is, go for it.
9: If you feel Vaping saved your life and is a life saving product, say it.
10: Recommend you tell a short story of your experiences with vapor products and the betterment of your health because of vaping. Maybe even the effects on you if Vapor products became unavailable due to regulation.

I’m probably forgetting something but this should help. I hope you will all take the time to write a letter. Our fight for vapor is not over yet and for once, I feel we have a better chance than ever before…


This is great! One thing I always lead off with when writing to these people, is to point out that vaping isn’t just a fringe issue as it’s portrayed in the media. Nearly 450K people die from smoking every year most of whom tried every way they could to quit. Millions world wide have been able to quit with vaping. Vaping has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives every single year. Most politicians only pay attention to the big flashy stories. Dying a slow painful death isn’t flashy so the reality of our industry completely escapes their notice.


I disagree. They are well aware of the vapor industry since our industry takes tax dollars from them. Not to mention they probably never hear the end of it from Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. I am very glad you like what we’re doing here. I hope you will contribute…


Agreed, I would focus on the success rates former smokers have experienced when switching to vaping vs other methods. And further, how Big Tobacco and Big Pharm are the biggest losers from the expansion of this industry which the FDA is now trying to abolish.


Many things should be mentioned for sure and the health benefits should be a must. I also agree with that. I feel I want to stress the fact that not only is Vaping life saving, but, the FDA has set rules that are Job Killing and we are fighting Special Interests. Something Trump promised to fight against. This is where I think we have a good chance of a listening ear from Trump…

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I agree that they’re aware we exist but they don’t normally understand the reality that this industry is saving hundreds of thousands of lives. They get their slanted info mostly from our adversaries in this fight. At least it’s my approach to remind them.

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I think a whole lot of us feel they just want us to keep smoking so they can keep taking in the money. I think I’m one of them…

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You’re right. That’s why it’s important for us to educate the general public as well. Even among non-smokers, almost everyone cares about someone that they wish would quit smoking but they only know what the mainstream media shows them about vaping. It’s easy for the fat cats to disregard us but when they hear from hundreds of thousands of people who say “I don’t smoke or vape but my loved one has quit and is healthy because of vaping…” Eventually public opinion will represent enough money to them that they’ll start to listen.

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If you think one man can change things then i feel sorry for you and who believes he can

Open your eyes … Usa, uk, japan, china, south korea, phillipines old president and mexico and all the other countrys, too many to mention are all corrupt and work for the same hand that feeds the country

Doesnt matter who won the elections, hillary or trump, its not going to change much to what its like now

We are all suppressed by our governments

What i cant understand with all the evidence of world leaders being so corrupt, we all still go and vote another one lol


My perfect world would be a world where people are valued more then money
Maybe a world without money
Free trade and no more bills and thats what i call freedom
Maybe then we can help eachother more and our kids can have a better future

Remember God gave us freedom, where has that gone, i cant even leave my home for more then a month or ill be behind my bills, is this living?


Personally I would not begin to think that one man would change things. In fact the whole purpose is for all of us (USA anyway) who are inclined to help, to get active again. We lost the battle with FDA Deeming but not the war. As long as there’s any hope I think we owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and future generations who not only deserve to have less government interference in their lives, but also who may benefit from vaping as an aid to smoking cessation.

The other, equally important thing is the effect the gov’t’s actions have on small business. Trump has vowed to champion the cause of small business. So we can and should challenge him on it…publicly. It can’t be as simple as going to a website that he and his team created and control, and then leaving it there. We have to draw attention to the topic. Twitter has been suggested and that’s a great idea. Obama and Trump both leverage social media for their own ends. Problem with that is it leaves them exposed and accessible, so we can leverage it as well!

Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s suggesting one man can or should change the situation alone. But at the same time I don’t believe discouraging Americans’ efforts to have a voice and effect a change is necessary either.


GO TRUMP! /10char


Shared my ideas and yours too. Thank you for this, @ringling. Great thread.

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I personally have written a 2000 word email to 7 elected members of our government, including the two that represent my area. I’ve received back the grand total of 1 reply and that was from one of their aides. I hope your campaign will have better results than I could get.


I am sure Evil Uncle has or has made plans to for sure.We can only hope that Trump isn’t the coperate whore that Hillary has proven to be.
I do think the Trump policy of making his team sign no lobbyists contracts for five years will help but with all on his plate the real question is will he educate himself on vaping or will he rely on the misinformation of others as is so often the case?