Temp control mod and tank

Hello i was wondering what would be a good temp control mod for stainless steel and titanium coils i was thinking about buying the crown tank so looking for a mod to run it dose any one have the crown i heard it is best for flavors but let me know if there is any others Thanks

Crown is a good tank. It works well with the eVic VTC Mini, Cuboid and RX200.

I would also recommend the ipv5. Exelent mod for ti/ss in temp control.

@Pattie that being your new toy…:slight_smile:

Yes the ipv5 is the new toy but i find ipv mods just work. Full stop. :yum:

what watt is the ipv5 i was looking at the cuboid and the wismac but not to crazy about the 3 battery set up has any one used the crown tank was just wondering if it is a juice and battery eater my nephew has the rafale and it is a juice and battery hog pus it gets real hot just wondering about them from making a step up from a 40 kanger box with a aero tank ill check into the ipv5 thanks for the info

The ipv5 is a dual battery 200w device that does 120j (joules) in tc mode. I have the crown and as with all sub ohm tanks it can drink the juice. Battery life is good (depending on your batteries) but i get all day put of mine.
In tc mode it does ti,ss304,ni200 an adjustable tcor and has the settings for the new sx tanks.
One of the better quality mods out there.
Here’s mine with the billow v2 sitting on it with a blue glass on it.