Temp settings for SMOK Alien and Voopoo Drag

If you lower the resistance setting on the mod it reads the tempiture differently and with those settings I would bet it’s barely warm. I personally have a smok gx350 and if I have it set at that resistance differential I don’t get any heat.

I can’t say anything about your mod or settings. I have no experience with Smok and I have no clue how good it is with TC. I just know that on my DNA250 500F/250C at 1cm from my lips feels like i’m close to an oven and that feels about right (don’t have an infrared sensor to measure) for a similar operating temperature.

I get the same effect on my Vaporesso though. 600F is a cool to luke-warm vape but I know something is off with it, that definitely is no 600F…

I got a real surprise tonight. I got a Kanger Dripbox 160 in the mail today and I’ve been using it in TC mode with SS wire. From a simple “how feels” it’s real close on actual temperature and is holding the temperature real steady. Working very nicely backing down the vape as the atty gets dry too. I guess I have to add that to my list of decent TC mods. I really didn’t expect this. Right out of the box.


Exactly, if you don’t have the mod how can you tell what it would do? I don’t have your mod’s I don’t know how they vape. I don’t have the op mod but @Laura5 does so she gave them the settings she uses. But to you that was a “hot vape” I just don’t understand how you can tell someone what they are experiencing if you haven’t ever had the experience.
I feel like this is coming of kinda harsh but I don’t know how else to say it and still get my point across.

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What I’m just trying to say is that Smok, Wismec, iJoy and those brands are not really known for a good TC experience and a lot sounds like what you’re describing. You try to get some heat out of it and the mod just doesn’t give it…
So I just suggest to walk into a vapestore and try a YiHi or a DNA to see what a good working TC mod is doing, that’s all.

I’ve often wondered about that. TC means so many different things to so many makers and users. I watched a reviewer the other day and he was convinced that the TC on the mod was great because it prevented the cotton from burning. That was his only criteria. I know for myself YiHi and DNA brought a totally new meaning to TC after trying it on other mods. I often get the sense that in many of these threads folks are talking apples and oranges.

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My understanding is that TC cuts off power when it reaches the set temperature. When it doesn’t reach the set temperature, it’ll just apply the wattage like in normal power mode.
The allowed temperatures (usually up to 600F) are not supposed to burn cotton when there’s no liquid in it.

I don’t know if different companies apply it all differently. From what I’ve read in my search for a good TC mod, is that it mostly depends on the chipset and how accurate and fast it can read /process the resistance changes.

But that’s just what I got from reading up on different sites and forums… to me it’s kinda like trying to understand what Windows does under the hood. Unless you’re a developer, it’s often just guess work.

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I apologize but that is territory I won’t enter on this forum. I watched this place for about a year before joining and I have seen some vicious attacks on folks just discussing technical specifics. I want no part of that. Reddit would be better for technical details.


smart move :wink:


Well said.


TC can work in different ways depending on the mod, but also on your own settings.

  1. Temperature protection: Here you are basically just using the TC as a protection against dry hits etc. Unless the set (high) temperature is reached it basically works just like power mode.

  2. Temperature control: Here the mod will keep the temperature of the coil as close to the set temperature as possible by adjusting the power. Starting at full power to ramp up the temp as fast as possible, and then adjusting the watts to keep the temp and thereby also the amount of vape, as steady and consistent as possible from the start to the end of the puff.

This can also happen smoothly by adjusting the wattage, or pulsly by turning the power on and off in pulses. Obviously smoothly is better.

P.s. 600F is an extremely hot temperature for a coil, but if the mod is way off in its readings and the actual temperature is only 450F it is no problem. Just a sign of a shitty mod :stuck_out_tongue:

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How do you choose between 1. and 2.? Just apply full power in TC mode?
I’d actually prefer 2. for consistency but (especially on the cheaper mods) I’ve noticed that coils can even glow in TC mode when you apply too much power (especially on cheaper mods like e.g. Wismec).

Exactly my thoughts/experience too. Lots of people say it’s barely even warm but that’s due to the mod, not the concept of TC.

One and two are more design criteria. DJLsb Vapes has a video that goes into this with more depth. He uses something like three or four categories in his explanation. Some manufacturers will claim TC on a mod and what is provided is more like overtemp protection. Others like DNA also claim TC and you get what is described as number two above.

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I can use a Yihi or DNA to “invoke” a number one as described above by setting the temperature higher than I like to vape and yet low enough to protect the cotton. The logic here is that you will vape as you would with power mode but quit drawing before you reach the temperature set point. If for some reason the draw was too long the temperature set point will act as protection. If that makes any sense.

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Personally I have a DNA device where you can customize the shit out of it, but I don’t think many other mods offer as many features, though Artic Fox for the Joytech family offer many of the same features.

Mode 2 is default, and to set it to mode 1 I would set it to something like this (Non-Temperature-Dominant being the key setting):

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I have been using my Voopoo Drag for about a week now. I just did a little research on this very subject. If you read in the Manuel it gives the different coefficient ratings for the different TC wires such as SS316L, Ti, and Ni that you can set your mod to.
The reason for the temperature control setting is TC wires like stainless steel if you notice the resistance (if you have a mod with an active meter) change as the wire heats up. If you are a heavy vapor like myself and use SS361 and are in power mode and are chain vaping you can burn your cotton very easily.
I am by no means an expert. I am only sharing what I have learned in the past week. If you go to the Voopoo website and download the software for the internal setting’s it is very easy to set up. Much easier than trying to figure it out through the mod itself. The software is similar to the DNA software and has just as many options if not more. You can even customize your welcome screen to say whatever you want. Very cool! And at about half the price of a DNA mod.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a whirl…