Temperature control questions

Greetings from TX!

I have a question for you guys regarding the Kanger Subox/Topbox Mini Mod with TC. I seem to be having issues when vaping in TC mode, SS. I have to do a primer puff or two to get a satisfying vape. And I have to keep puffing virtually every few seconds to keep the single DIY coil warm. It vapes fine when in Power mode, but I prefer TC for the better flavor.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no TCR setting/mode either. And power input for TC mode is non-adjustable and locked-in at the max 75 watts.

I’m using the Topbox Mini atty with included RBA, 28 gauge SS316L, 3mm ID, .94 ohms, spaced coil. This same combo works fine in my other mods with TC.

All contact areas, 510 connections, battery terminals, etc, are clean.

I’m wondering if I’m having this problem because the resistance isn’t locked-in, but after nearly three days of various web searches, have not found a way to lock the resistance for this particular Kanger mod.

Any hints or tips you can throw my way would be SO appreciated. I really want to start using this mod again! :+1:


Temp Control needs the resistance to be stable. The only time you should lock resistance is when the ohms are fluctuating and won’t settle in.
Do you have to lock ohms on your other mods? If so, then something’s not right with the atty.


Kangertech has always had issues with temp control, especially SS. That mod is better in power mode. It’s been a while, that thing came out 3 yrs ago so I don’t quite remember how it performed in tc but I didn’t think it had SS option.

Someone in here may know more but in the meantime, I would go and watch a couple youtube vids.

good luck


I lock resistance on my other mods to get a more consistent vape.

Maybe time for a new atty? I know that there are still a few authentic Subtank Mini’s floating around.


Have you adjusted the power in TC mode. Picking what you pick for power mode should be a good start.


Power is non-adjustable in TC mode.


Normally is, don’t know this particular mod. On eleaf and associated, it is 4 clicks on the fire button.


I totally agree with this.

I got interested in TC way back in the stone age of TC and have never had a Kanger mod that did TC properly at all. They would some what work using nickle wire but never found one that worked using SS.