Terpenes as flavor enhancers?

I’m sure someone somewhere has already asked this but a quick search of the forums didn’t return much.

Anyway, I was poking around on TPA’s website and noticed they have terpene flavor enhancers. Some of you may (or not) know my taste buds ride the strawberry short bus, so I looked for a strawberry terpene and they do sell it.

I’m not familiar with terpene usage so this might sound dumb but, are they viable as enhancers for e-liquid? And if so, what is the recommended method/usage?


Curious about this myself.


This place sells terpenes you may like to check it out.

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Thanks. I know Terpenes are what gives weed it’s distinct flavors. Looks like they’re talking about something different…and it doesn’t really answer my question.

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I think so. If your making your own thc/cbd juice. Otherwise maybe not.

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This is a great question, i have the same issues with strawberry, terpenes appear to be oil based, not sure if they are appropriate for vaping, would love to try it if its soluble in vg, im concerned it would just separate ?


I am curious too.


Are there potential dangers with vaping terpenes?

This topic requires further research, but is best to be cautious. The main potential danger with terpenes comes from the compounds they can form at extremely high temperatures. Therefore it is best to vape at lower temperatures to preserve flavor, medical benefits and overall effects.


My guess and its just a guess by reading some of the scientific papers on terpenes they are in a lot of plant material and basically the aroma molecular compound of those materials. So increasing the molecular compound of the aroma it should increase the impact(pretty much what the flavor labs do). If the mixing compound is vape friendly (pg,vg or ?) it might help. I have not found anything that would make me believe there is any great danger in their use, but as with everything caution and tiny steps would be way.


From what I’ve found is that Terpenes maybe dangerous to vape at high temps

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No, my original question was because I have difficulty tasting strawberry in my juices. (Not CBD mixes) To that effect, was wondering if the strawberry Terpenes that TPA sells as flavor enhancers could be added to enhance my mixes.



TZ… if you vape at low watts, it “could be possible”, however my position says no. Terpenes are mainly used for organic flavor tastes ie: food and beverages, and some are not really safe for vapes due to the compounds they can create when mixed with other compounds. I do not have the list, so I can not say mix this with that, or that and this wont go together. Best to stick with flavor manufactures safe for vaping as we all know it. Which is How Linda is able to say she has perfume and food/bev diy… that in itself is yet a long bit to get into on.

Have you experimented with the ultras at all? Between FLV’s strawberries (especially a mix of strawberry and alpine) and medicine flower’s strawberry, about a perfect of a mix as one can get. If you want, I can mix up a little something and send your way… if you like it, will share how I did it. :slight_smile:


I also am strawberry challenged. I have just in the last week remade some SB tests and I have been able to taste a 1/1 TPA’s ripe/Cap’s sweet at 4% each. Whoop whoop.


@anon84779643…Ok, not the answer I was hoping for but I’m glad I asked. It sounds like terpene enhancers are geared more towards CBD, which is a different application entirely.

As for ultras…I acquired a small 10ml bottle of Alpine a while back, even though the price was a mental hurdle for me. But a few people had swayed me so I pulled the trigger.

Long story short - after multiple less than stellar test batches at VERY low levels I concluded that Alpine and I just weren’t going to get along! lol
It’s not even close to tasting like strawberry. Even 1 drop in a 30ml mix gave me a funky rubber/chemical taste. Maybe I got a bad batch, I dunno.

MF Strawberry I have not tried and I know I just need to get the fuck over the price thing again. I’m just tired of getting excited and then being let down.

I should also add that I’ve tried the Strawberry Super concentrate from BCF. Still wondering about the Super part.


Glad that works for you. I’ve had mixed results tho because the Ripe tends to loose potency and all but disappear (at least for me) after a week or so.

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I have a few that can only use Alpine at 2-3 bottle tip drops (.04g-.06g) in 4oz… There might be something in there you are picking up (sounds it) … if you want to try mix up a 4oz… try this:
All flv
.07% Alpine Strawberry
.8% Strawberry
.6% Cream

Could pop it with .12% Lime for a change… see how that is.

My understandings of terpenes is it is for both cbd and food and beverage.
If a site sells it, they do not have to declare all their flavors for vaping per say… they can just use food flavorings.and bypass that flavors for vape. If regs come down, those companies will still stand.

Yes, try MF strawberry… start low, .10% and see how you like that. My offer still stands anytime.

Just to clarify (cuz I’m dense most of the time) you’re saying ‘mix’… as in a full blown recipe? My apprehension would be if that yacky Alpine note shows up, then I’ve wasted 4oz of base.

And thank you for the offer. :kissing_heart: I need to follow through and get the MF in my hands, so I’ll let you know.

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full blown… you should be alright with it, TZ. If that won’t work for you, I do have a few other options.

Try the MF and between those two, if it won’t do for you, let me know.