Terrarium heating pad to help steep

Just came up with an idea…
I keep bottles that are steeping in these plastic bins I buy from Wal-Mart…they are the sterilite brand and they are about 13x8x4…so what if I bought a terrarium heating pad to put under it and an electrical timer…
See where I’m going with this? Steep the bottles I just made for 30 minutes on the pad, set the timer so I don’t forget…
Anybody wanna chime in?

Edit: I could do up to 18 120ml bottles at a time…

A medium pad is 15x8 and costs $14…perfect fit…set a timer so it doesn’t get too hot…just a bit of heat to help the steeping along…

I don’t see why it wouldn’t? Glass or plastic bottles?

I bought a 24 hour outlet on/off timer and plugged my little dipper into it and it works like a charm! I could put my bottles in there and let them sit for a week if I wanted to. Stays at the perfect temp all day and I don’t have any issues forgetting them like I have in the past :smile:

Seeing that yours is just a pad, I would think in the bin with the lid closed may trap enough heat to heat glass bottles nicely? If that’s what you are referring to?

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WTF does that even mean anyways?! lol

Cliff Clavin would say:

It’s related to the fact that one of the meanings of the word “charm” is “magic spell”, so if something “works like a charm” it works as well as magic. Whether magic actually works or not appears to have no bearing on the meaning of the idiom, with the assumption being that charms do, in fact, work very well.

For example:

I tried adding coconut milk to the curry as you suggested, and it worked like a charm. It was really delicious.

If you feel stressed, lie on the floor and imagine you’re on a tropical beach listening to the waves lapping on the shore. It works like a charm for me.

So, there you go!


OMG duh! 48 hour shift, followed by 4 hours sleep and back to work at 10pm-5am kinda fried my brain :smile:
Thanks Jeeves!