Terrible mixes that work in 'meh' gear

Hey guys,

To start off, do take this thread lightly (as if it was a joke which it obviously is), but after it raised a few laughs in other topics and on discord, i’m just going to share it with the world.

One of my ADV’s is my mango mix with a hint of strawberry. While experimenting with it, I tried subbing different fruits, came up with a very good Mango/Pineapple mix, but I also created this monstrosity:

This mix is sort of decent after an overnight steep, but as the time moves on, the strawberry becomes super overpowering, and after about a week, I just can’t vape it in an RDA or an RTA. It get sweet, perfumy, and all I can taste is a very artificial strawberry flavor.

Me being me of course, I didn’t mix a 10ml tester since I was so convinced that it will be good, but I mixed a full 60ml bottle and set it away to steep.

Around the same time i was digging through my closet, and I found my smok baby prince tank, and two brand new unused coils for it, and being a good jewish stereotype, decided to use them and not let them go to waste.

Now just to set the story straight, i’m vaping for a relatively short time, and this was the second tank I ever got, and when I got it, i was convinced that it’s an absolutely awesome tank with great flavor and even bigger amazing clouds (and I wrote an adequate review for it on my site).

(go ahead and laugh I won’t take it against you :stuck_out_tongue:)

Now that I do know a bit better, after I got myself a really good RTA (Kylin Mini, thank you @AlanS ) and a few RDA’s (drop, dead rabbit sq, bonza) and I know what kind of flavor can be achieved, I actually know how terrible that tank is, and how much it mutes the flavor.

So i washed the baby prince out, installed a fresh coil, primed it with the evil strawberry poison, took a puff, and it was friggin amazing! (well, not really friggin amazing, but quite palatable and decent)

The only question now is whether to get more of those 0.17 ohm super duper mesh coils for the Smok TFV12 Baby Prince to try all of my other terrible mixes :smiley:


Maybe you can set up shop and sell your terrible mixes to people with shit gear :sunglasses:


I made one once that was a whole bunch of pineapple because, well, I wanted a pineapple vape. The only thing I could think of when I vaped it was battery acid. I will try to find it and donate it to the cause!!!