Tesiyi 18650 battery Review

Tesiyi were so kind to send me 4pcs 18650 40A battery samples for review and I can use two
of them in my Sigelei 100w and another two in my Snow wolf 200w perfectly.
Tesiyi Company seemingly sprung up out of nowhere. They said their battery has been
highly recognized with its lower internal resistance.
18650 40A battery

Its wraps is delicate, it is a flat top battery.

Someone believe that these are re-wrapped batteries. My opinion: I think these are
factory made batteries, not re-brand second hand crap.

Its flat top is a similar to the efest, however its internal resistance is higher
than Tesiyi battery. So they are not the same battery.
My older Sigelei 100w with this battery

It is also suitable for the mechanical.

However that leads us to the next thing, it is really a 25A continuous discharge battery and the max continuous discharging current is 40A. I like these batteries a lot and I would recommend them. However just be safe with those super sub ohm builds, use your brain.

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Thank you for the review , how does the battery life seem to compare to others?
I just wish every manufacturer would simply label batteries correctly.I have seen tests where they are a very good 25 amp battery, but I have a hard time supporting a company that over rates their product.

They said this battery have 300-500 times recycle. I also ask the same question, "why they sign 40A on the wrap?"
They told me, they compared to the other batteries, such as Efest, AWT, Mxjo and so on. So they design this battery wrap.

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MAh Rating?