Tesiyi battery with Snowwolf 200w vaping reviews

Here is a review made by Tesiyi Company, they are really made by heart

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@Jokay is that you in the video? Confess!

They failed, 3 times, to send me the batts they promised for testing. Between that and the specs they put on the cells i wouldnt trust this company. Mooch tested some of their batts and determined them to be decent 25A 2300 mah batts.

Test results

To be honest, I have tried a set of 18650s of this sort that I won in a raffle at the local B&M shop.

Definitely over-promised under delivered batteries, I ran some tests via an electrician’s workbench (my father is an electrical engineer and he was skeptical of the initial reports and stats).

We measured continual discharge, battery temp and current flow analysis… and needless to say, your better off buying eFest batteries, these didn’t even come close to matching up to their reported specs. Like Mooch, we measured roughly 13.4 Amp and not 25, not even close.

Be very careful of these batteries guys, they may look like a steal at the price point I’ve seen them at… but there’s probably a reason why they are cheaper than the other name brands.

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And Mooch just said that they are ICR chemistry, no way would i use them. Yet another lie from this company, outside of their inflated discharge rates and promise to send out samples. Now im glad that they never sent the samples they promised me.