Tesla invader 3

hello i was wondering if any one has used a tesla invader 3 before ? how does it vape ? does it hit harder than a vw device ?

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I do not have one but check this out


thanks much rob62, good bit of information . none of my regular youtube reviewers reviewed this one so i’m flying in the dark on this one

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yea i seen his but hes not really a “builder” he really only knows how to change a sub ohm coil , i usually watch djlsb vapes, ambitionz vaper , mike vapes , vaping fagan , twisted 420 , st vapes . the vapor trail is really just to hear what the instruction book says lol

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but i really do appreciate all the effort to answer my question ! thanks again rob :slight_smile:

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LOL … Yeah Tony just follows what the other reviewers say. But he is a cool guy

Have you looked at the Hohm Wrecker G2 it got some bad reviews at first but now with the new update ( 2.5.7 ) the mod just Kicks ass


agreed , it’s funny because he has the best quality videos but the least technical , don’t get me wrong , i still check his channel as much as the others lol it’s just i find the others are more in depth and use more rdas and rtas where he seems to always have a sub ohm tanks . do you know of any other reviewers that are good on youtube ? (NO RIP TRIPPERS PLEASE lolol)

I like Phil Busardo, Mike Vapes , Todds Reviews , djlsb , but I watch them all

yea about the same , except todds reviews

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I like Todd for all my Squonking needs … LOL