Tesla Nano 60W, fits in the palm

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On todays menu is a little bugger I’ve been eyeing up for a while for its size and portability, the Tesla Nano 60W!

This Tesla Nano 60W was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Gearbest.com!


Tesla has always had a bit of controversy around it because of their quality control, and with good reason too.
Some of their mods are great and will last throughout the years, but some are just plain terrible and so poorly built that they hardly ever get mentioned.
The current influx of “nano” sized mods is a trend I love to see, because it means mods are being pushed to being portable and easy to conceil.
Which in turn makes it easier for me to carry more than one mod without having to resort to fannypack. I refuse to wear one, I want to retain some of masculinity, thank you very much.
That tangent aside it couldn’t be long until Tesla jumped on the same nanotrain and released a mod that was small, portable and still powerful enough to be an all-day-vape.

Enter the Tesla Nano 60W. A tiny device that packs a huge battery and is easily lost in your pocket.
But is it worth getting? Let’s find out!

Tesla Nano 60W


  • Zinc alloy body
  • Built in 3600mAh LiPo
  • 7W to 60W poweroutput
  • “Mechanical” mode
  • Temperature control for Ni200 and Ti01
  • Extremely small
  • Top mounted firebutton, detonator style
  • 2A charging
  • Springloaded 510


The plastic box the Tesla Nano comes in is pretty standard, but it does have a little extra that others don’t have.
The mod is set in two plastic clips on the side and on the top there’s a plastic screw that fits into the 510 of the device.
Unscrewing is is easy and the mod lifts out once the screw is off.
The mod itself has a plastic film on it to protect it during transport, so you can be sure there will be no scratches or scuffs on the paintjob.
Lifting out the plastic part that holds the mod reveals another compartment that has a USB charging cable, and a usermanual.

A very satisfying part…

Feelsgoodman.jpeg :wink:


The Tesla Nano is a small device, as the name already gives away.
It’s marginally higher than an 18650 battery, and about the width of two 18650 batteries.
Despite the size it does pack quite a bit of functionality.
The battery is a 2-cell LiPo good for 3600mAh which can be charged at 2A.
Rumor has it that the battery isn’t really 3600mAh, but rather 2800mAh though I haven’t been able to confirm this.
Regardless the battery should be plenty to last you through the day, even at a maximum of 60W.
When the mod is charging the display will show you a battery filling up, and once it’s fully charged the display will show a full battery. Simple and effective.
The display is fairly small but easy to read, and it’ll show you all the info you need.
It’s your average layout of the DNA style screens, the battery indicator on the left with just next to it the resistance and voltage, and in bigger characters the wattage or temperature.

The plus and minus buttons are sitting just above the screen and are fairly small too.
They have good tactile feedback but they can be a bit hard to push, this is because they’re just below an edge.
Regardless you’ll only need them to adjust settings once and then vape with the big delicious button on top of the mod.
That’s one of the things I like best about this little Tesla, the big slanted button on top.
It’s easy to reach, has excellent feedback and feels like it can take a punch.

Next to the firing button is the 510 connection, which sits flush and has a bit of a downward edge to it.
Everything I’ve put on, including the TFV4 which is notorious for its long 510 pin, has sat flush and tight.
The mod is 24mm wide at the side of the 510, which makes it suitable for those bigger tanks and drippers.
Tesla provided the mod with a small outward edge to ensure everything would sit on it nicely without overhang.

The mod also includes temperature control for Ni200 and Ti01 alloys, but you can’t easily switch between modes yourself.
The mod detects when an atomizer is attached with one of the alloys and will ask you to set the mode accordingly.
So far this has worked pretty well for me, with the exception of one tank built with Ti01 that it didn’t detect.
In itself this wasn’t much of a problem, I attached a dripper for a moment and reattached the tank and it detected the new coil right away.
The temperature control works but it doesn’t work perfectly, I had to adjust the temperature around 10°C lower than I’m used to.
And the most annoying thing is that it cuts the power completely for about half a second when it hits temperature, and then restarts the power over and over.
Adjusting the temperature is similar to the DNA200 in the sense that you have to lock the mod by clicking the firebutton 5 times, and then hold down the plus and minus button.
It’s actually more intuitive than I expected it to be.

In both the regular powermode and the temperature control mode the adjustments can be locked by holding down the fire and minus button.
Especially with the way this mod is shaped and layed out, this is a handy feature that’ll keep you from accidently adjusting the power.
When you hold the mod in your hand, your finger will be around the area of the plus and minus buttons. Luckily the buttons are fairly hard to press, so adjusting by accident wouldn’t be as easy as it looks.
Another cool feature is the mecha-mode, which essentially makes it a regulated mech.
This can be done by adjusting the power in regular powermode to the lowest or highest setting and then clicking the respective adjustment button again.
The mecha-mode (and I call it that because it says so on the screen, and it sounds cool) dumps the voltage from the battery straight to the coils.
This means at full charge you’ll get 3.7V on the coils, if you build somewhere between 0.2ohm and 0.3ohm.


The Tesla Nano is a beautiful little mod that hides in your palm very easily.
The spine of the mod is 24mm in width and rounded to feel ergonomic.
Adding to that, Tesla raised the bottom of the device slightly on the spine to allow your pinky to sit more comfortable underneath the mod.
With the firebutton on top being mildly at an angle the device feels more like a detonator in the hand, it’s extremely comfortable despite its rather heavy weight.

That’s also the only thing I could find wrong with this mod, its weight. For such a small device it actually feels a lot more substantial than you’d imagine.
The reason for being rather heavy is of course the battery inside, a 2 cell LiPo pack good for 3600mAh.
On the bottom of the device is a USB port capable of charging said battery at 2A, so you won’t have to wait long for a full charge.

Pros and Cons.


  • 60W is plenty for an all-day-vape
  • TC capable coils are detected very quickly
  • Slanted firebutton on top
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Great 510 connection (gold plated, springloaded center pin, stainless threading)
  • Extremely easy to pocket
  • Fits upto 24mm diameter tanks without overhang


  • TC cuts power completely when it hits temperature
  • Battery may not be 3600mAh (unconfirmed), but lasts long
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • No temperature control for SS alloy

In conclusion.

The temperature control on the Tesla Nano is definitely not a good one, but in powermode the mod really does very well.
Whether or not the battery is actually 3600mAh is unconfirmed but comparing it to the 3300mAh in the Coolfire IV+ it does seem to last a fair bit longer at 60W.
The small formfactor makes this an excellent device to grab along for hikes or work, and despite its weight it’s a very comfortable mod to use.
The slanted firebutton on top is great and is positioned perfectly for either thumb triggering or indexfinger firing, depending on how you hold the mod.
If Tesla could fix the temperature control on this mod, I’d be more inclined to say it’s a great mod but at this point I’ll give it an average “score”.
Would I buy another one if this one broke? I’d probably look at the other “nano” mods on the market first.

If you want to save a few bucks, remember to use the couponcode SirRisc for an added discount!

In closing I would like to thank Gearbest.com for sending me the Tesla Nano 60W for review!
Thanks for reading, I’ll be looking at something a bit different next time; the Smok TF-RTA in both the G2 and G4 version!

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I have this one, my favorite mod:


It wont last all day, but it will last most of the day. Tesla makes really nice lipo batteries.