Tessera Kit with the Ello TS on top


Another good one @Dan_the_Man


Thanks, I felt like I was all over the place on this one. I need to figure out this editing program…


Holy SH*T! @Dan_the_Man has a YT Channel~! Coolness Bro …watching


How did you get the MaH rating on that battery?


Thanks bro, I just started the channel not to long ago. Your support means a lot. Truly, thank you.

As far as the MaH rating, I got it from http://www.eleafworld.com.

I am starting to see the price come down on the little buggers.

As far as the channel is concerned, I don’t have enough views or subs to get any new stuff to review, but that’s ok with me because when it comes time for me to let people know if I think it is worth the money, the answer is always no if it is over 40 bones. So I review the older gear that has dropped in price. I can’t help myself, I’m just not willing to pay 60 - 80 and more for a mod that could show up broken. Then I spend a month or more convincing someone in China that it’s “for real” and I’m not trying to rip em off and when they finally send me another one it could be broken also. It makes me wonder just how many people are trying to get free shit from the manufacturers.

Sorry bout that. You didn’t ask anything about any of that. OOPS! :sunglasses: